The Summer ‘Ape-preciation’ Awards – Results

Hello guys, and welcome to the hotly-anticipated Summer 2018 ‘Ape-preciation’ awards results! Today we finally unveil the winners of each category, ranging from highly respected pillars of our community, to the greatest shitposters that we have ever witnessed. The Raging Monkeys have spoken on their victors! Without further ado, let the awards commence! – Tom

News Rush: The Old Symm Has Been Forsaken

Hola, salut, and hello to you! Welcome to Week 16 of News Rush, presented to you by myself (Tom), and edited by the illustrious ShiinaBat. E3 is well underway and this year PlayStation, EA, Nintendo, Square Enix, and many more open their doors to the most attractive gaming propositions that they can offer. If you’re interested in watching the shows yourself then here’s a link to the scheduled livestreams, but if you can’t make the party then don’t fret! We will be summarising each presentation in full after the event. We’ve still got plenty of content to cover this week though, so without further ado let’s dive into our initial segment: Rapid Fire News!

Three Wishes From the Monkey’s Paw: Our Hopes for E3 2018

What’s that? June already? I guess that means it’s time for our annual interrogation friendly interview where I corner as many Monkeys as possible, pick their brains, and lay bare their innermost desires for E3 this year! Which games are we clamoring for the most? Find out now!

News Rush: There’s Loot on Tumblecube Island?!

Aloha friendly apes! Welcome to our latest episode of News Rush, where we’ll be bringing the latest and greatest stories in gaming to your attention. We’ve rebooted how we bring you content over the past couple weeks to make sure that it’s fully suited to as many people as possible. E3 looms ever closer! You can expect full coverage from the Social Media team here at the Raging Monkeys over the biggest gaming event of the year, including a full summary of E3’s newest unveilings. However, we’ve still got this episode of News Rush to get through before that, ­­­so let’s ignite the jet engines and shoot right into the Rapid Fire News!

News Rush: Happy Birthday, Discord!

Greetings to you, the Guardians, Hunters, Operators, Soldiers, and Mages of the Raging Monkeys! I’m the infamous destroyer of lightbulbs, she’s the eminent distributor of sparkles, we’re Tom and Shiina, and this is News Rush! Without further ado, let’s jump right into our Rapid Fire News segment for this week.

News Rush: A Moment of Silence

Hello again primates, and welcome to yet another episode of our exclusive News Rush. Our usual rambunctious reporter Screaming Rowlet is still being a lazy bum on hiatus, so it’s your soup-sipping SM Lightbulb Destroyer and ever-gleaming empress ShiinaBat again bringing you PlayStation’s headline stories. This week is brimming with gaming intrigue, so let’s get riiiiiight into the Rapid Fire News!

News Rush: Fiery Comets and Icy Hive

Hey everyone! This week it’s your favourite retrospective Owl the notorious Lightbulb Destroyer Tom, along with the ever-sparkling ShiinaBat, bringing you News Rush! It’s here you’ll find everything worth knowing from this week in gaming. Time to rocket jump our way through this week’s gaming gold mine!

News Rush: Would You Like Fries with That, Dood?

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite retrospective owl Screaming Rowlet and the reigning sparkle queen ShiinaBat, bringing you this week’s news roundup from the world of gaming! Think you missed something important in the last few days or just want a refresher? This is where you’ll get it. There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s get right into it.

Supreme Support: How to Zenyatta

What’s up, Monkeys? Your Supreme Leader here, back with another Supreme Support and this time we’re focusing on everyone’s favourite orb-throwing monk, Zenyatta.

CONFIDENTIAL: Summary of GIGN Operator Effectiveness


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