Happy First Anniversary, RM!

A year ago today Raging Monkeys was born. During that year it saw an incredible amount of growth, a stupendous amount of chatting and enough gaming to disappoint all of our parents. We’ve had ups and downs, but along the way we’ve always managed to have a laugh. Sometimes those laughs were deeply inappropriate, but at least they were laughs.

Of course anniversaries are a great time to look back, so we asked everyone what they remembered most fondly from their time as a Monkey. The response was both overwhelmingly large and amazingly lovely.

So here are your first year’s worth of Monkey Memories, starting with the reason we’re all here, the Main Monkey herself: Kazumi Kiss.


So I’ve been told that as the Supreme Leader here I have to say a few words about this place. I’m terrible at this but here goes: Raging Monkeys is a family, one big messed up incestuous Monkey family. We fight, we laugh, we tilt, we rage, but most of all, we support each other. We’ve been through thick and thin in each other’s lives. We’ve made differences in each other’s lives and that’s something we all should be proud of. Personally I’ve made many good friends, and found my best friend here in RM. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this place and, man,  what a year this was. It was crazy. We’ve had lots of drama but waaay more laughs to make up for the drama. But most of all I have never expected to find as many chill and sweet people like you all. So on behalf of the whole staff team: Thank you for being such an amazing community. Here’s to many more years of RM.


It’s hard to think of a favourite memory, there are really too many from my time here. Highlights include Yav and CGillan getting married, God, I laughed so hard I nearly popped a bollock. When I first started working with Shiina on Social Media, I remember thinking how easy she was to work with and how fun it was. Watching Mei plummet to her death over and over as she struggles with basic platforming in Destiny. The night a lot of you came over from another clan with Shiina will stay with me for a long time. Some of my favourite memories are also some of yours too, which is special to me and leads me into what my favourite memory really is and it’s you guys. I have made many friends here, some I know will be in my life forever and some of you offer me support when I need it, but I’m happy I met all of you. I never knew clans could be full of such nice people and, for that, I’d like to thank all of you. Except Cam.


A year already? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Like so many others, I have countless memories of our little corner of the internet and it’s hard to pick a favorite. This server is like home to me and I owe so much to everyone here, for the friendship, the support through good times and bad, for pushing me, trusting in me when I know it was difficult, and most importantly for always believing in me. You’ve all given me so much and helped me in ways I could never begin to articulate. Thank you.

The Social Media team will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve managed communities before, but never something quite on the scale of what this project demanded. In the beginning, I was definitely a little terrified. Starting is always the toughest part, after all. But I had Bellsy (my partner in crime) and everyone else and we all had each other, too. The whole team just clicks and it’s wonderful and amazing and I can’t believe I get to be a part of it; I consider myself lucky every day. You’re all so talented and so much fun to work with! And just look at how much we’ve grown over the past year! You should all be so proud.

As a deeply sentimental person, I’ll always look fondly on firsts. I had Overwatch on PC since launch, but never really played it much. Eventually, the Monkeys convinced me to pick it up on PS4 too and I’m so glad I did. Ricky and Mei were so, so patient with me while I tried the characters (I’d only really played a handful on PC) and taught me the ropes for the character I eventually settled on: D.Va. I remember how excited they were in party chat when I got my first ever Play of the Game (which you can view above!) and how Ricky frantically reminded me to spray for it, haha. It’s not a remarkable play, definitely a dime a dozen, but they made it really special and I’ll cherish it forever.

And I can’t forget to mention my position as the honorable Judge Shiina, so sparkly and just. The mock trials of the NA night crew never fail to make me laugh. I’m always excited to see a ping from Charlie as surely he’s dragging someone into the courtroom for some ridiculous reason. Watching Carini and KT, some of our top lawyers, battle it out while I pretend to know proper court proceedings is a riot and half.

Thank you again for everything. It is an honor to be one of your admins.


My favourite memory of The Raging Monkeys was my first ever raid as Game Captain. I was nervous, I was raiding with a bunch of people who I had never met before, and I had very limited King’s Fall experience. We started on Warpriest, thanks to Carini’s checkpoint, raided for two hours, and ended on Warpriest. Even though I was heavily embarrassed at the time, it certainly broke me in a bit. From then on, #raidboss became my official title, something I am still very proud of!


Overwatch is the most fun with a team full of Monkeys! My favorite memory is playing comp with everyone and absolutely killing it with our supreme leader as Mercy keeping us all on our feet we rocked house that day, but sadly I haven’t been in a group of monkeys that big since.

Screaming Rowlet

My favorite Raging Monkeys memory is tied for two of them.

The first is watching the growth of the channel from the start. It’s been so amazing to watch this place go from a small community of maybe 30 people to over 300 and counting. It’s heartwarming to watch this place grow as it feels like a second home to me.

The other memory would be the start of the Pokemon channel. As a lifelong Pokemon fan it’s so amazing to have a channel dedicated to my childhood and with the Pokemon League growing and facing a banner year in 2018 I’m excited to see what comes next.

I love this place and I love everyone in it.


My favourite memory of the monkeys has to be the fact that they have trusted me (under supervision by an adult) to run the roast channel. It’s become a mainstay of our weekends. Being able to roast our peers has never been more fun. For this I have to thank Shady. Without her we wouldn’t have a copy of each roast when it’s finished. KT for being my partner in crime when the channel first opened (he has since gone awol). Then there is got. He’s the man who made the roast but, don’t think I need to say anything else about him. Oh and the man with the keys. Bellsy, without him the channel would stay closed and I would be the only person roasting ( maybe I should do that next week and I might win one.)

Smeagol’s Best Friend (Nemesis)

So how do I start my stint with this wonderful clan full of wonderful people. I saw the launch trailer of Destiny 2 and was excited to play this game. So I bought Destiny 1 first to try it out, but I needed a clan too. So went to Reddit and there it was… THE RAGING MONKEYS invite shining right in front of my eyes. I spoke to bellsy for the first time and he invited me to the clan in such a nice way. Never expected such niceness as in my 10 years of gaming previously all I saw was toxicity. Since I was the new cadet who joined the RM Battalion I was assigned a general to help me out. That general’s name was Flightx. He helped me out so many times to level up in Destiny 1 and taught me so many things. The best part of Flightx was that he was very patient with me (considering the annoying little c*nt I am). The best part was herr commander iMonkey himself helped me out so many times along with Flightx. One of my most fondest memories was the first raid (WOTM) I had with my clan . I was totally new to the mechanics of a raid. My previous experience was in Warframe raid. But this raid was a bitch. And as usual because of my presence the clan could not finish the raid. I thought they were gonna shout at me for being so noobish (previous experiences in other games), but to my surprise they were nice and told me “see you later mate”. I was happy and heaved a sigh of relief for the reaction I got. The second in command Uber Generale bellsy is a very nice and approachable guy and helps out everyone. And as far as my stint in Destiny 2 goes well “raid still not completed” which is my fault. “Trials not my forte” which is again, let me remind you my fault. But yea this will be and always will be in my heart the best clan I could have asked for.


Of all my raiding experience I had nothing like this one. The 2 weeks previous it took 20 hours to complete only 2 raids. I’d only ever raided with flight before this raid. Even Saskia made one appearance and John told me he was naked the whole time. A night of magic.

Rob The Editor

Possibly the greatest memory was Trials with myself, Wolf, Cory, and I can’t remember the last. It was Countdown on Eternity. Wolf tells the three of them to push B, and for me to watch the A bridge just in case anyone flanked. I scope down my Mida to see all four coming down the bridge, along with two pulse grenades and a Fists of Havoc. I started screaming and got instantly raped to death. And that’s when we knew. We were only meant for PvE.


Believe it or not, this was my first time playing with Monkeys. It took me almost a month of being in the server to build up the confidence to actually jump in a game with someone.
We ended up PvPing in Destiny, reading erotic fiction, sucking at the game and generally having a good lark around. It was perfect!

Besides, Flight’s attempt at a feminine voice kills me every time.


I haven’t been in RM long, but my best memory so far has been finishing the Leviathan raid for the first time in Destiny 2 and being taught the ropes of every part of the raid by RM members.


Story time! My favorite memory here at Raging Monkeys definitely has to be a series of events I will henceforth refer to as The Finger Chronicles. Our glorious leader has a habit of giving other users the middle finger emoji, in more drastic cases a picture of her actual middle finger, and in the most severe, she would flip them off in person. Some months back it got to the point where she was giving it to multiple people a day. Studying geography at the time, I thought it’d be interesting to map the locations of all the people she’s given the bird to. Lo and behold I discovered that she does not discriminate in her distribution of offensive gestures, and was soon left with a map where it was easier to distinguish places without people she’s flipped off. I had to stop because she was doing it too frequently and I just couldn’t keep up.


I joined RM because I was genuinely annoyed by solo queuing, but I’d never expect to end up in something like a second family. Really looking forward to meet all the Rainbow 6 guys IRL one day and still can’t believe how easy it was to build a friendship with all of them despite my crappy communication skills. Amazed. #blessed


I have a general good thing I’d like to say about the the server and then a specific memory. The general thing is that, this is one of the nicest and most welcoming group of people ever. It’s amazing how there (seems to be) very little conflict and how we all keep up with different people irl and it’s nice. And my favorite memory is when I first joined and I was trying to find a group of people for r6 and I was brand new and Euan and Yaviar and Callum invited me and that’s the day I also got my nickname but they were all really friendly and welcoming so yeah


I joined RM on the 14th of November, and I’ve never regretted it. I found a great community, funny people that I really like playing with and I’m really enjoying my time here. At the beginning I was a bit shy, because I’m not an English native speaker, but this helped me improving my English. I’m really happy to have joined this, I hope to stay as much time as possible.


My time as GC hasn’t been long, (only a few months) but it hasn’t be quiet that’s for sure and feels so much longer. The thing I love the most about the R6 channel is not just the game, but it’s such a unique channel, there really isn’t another lot like them. I never know what to expect when opening the channel. We really are the only channel that can talk about politics, culture, civilization and stuff without things getting heated and taken the wrong way. I enjoy learning so much from everyone one of them. I may suck so badly at the game, and the R6 lot don’t let me forget that’s for sure, they all call me Mama Shady and like to make a certain joke with a cucumber which I’m not sure they think it’s a joke anymore, and that’s concerning. However they are a thoughtful bunch and have made me feel so much better than they will ever know. Not so long ago, I took a little break from the server, I was going through a hard time, and a lot of stuff going on in my head. That it was a really bad place to be in, but with R6 lot messaging me asking if I was ok. And a lot of people in the RM server checking up on me as well and listening to my moaning that it helped me so much. People in RM checked in on me more than my own family and friends that I see on a day to day basis. I haven’t meet anyone of this server and they care more. RM is like one big family to me, the R6 lot are my boys, slightly incestuous kids (who remind me they would break their arms for), and of course our Supreme Leader who is my married wifey on the server. And everyone else here there’s so many people I don’t wanna be here all day droning on. But you all know who you are and am grateful to have played or spoken to everyone in the server. When am in this server am not just a single mother with kids at home doing motherly chores. Am Shady! Careless and having fun again.

But if I had to sum up with one sentence what being a GC at RM means to me. It would be “RM is home”.

Cam (MonkeyPigFace)

My favourite RM memory would have to be the time Shady posted a picture with a challenge: “Tell me a sentence you could both say during sex and at a family dinner”. Of course, we took this as a challenge to think of the darkest, most hilarious answer we could think of. It started fairly light. Some of the earlier answers were “Is that it?”, “Just give it to the dog”, “Stop being a pussy and swallow” and things like that. Eventually, we all ended up one-upping each other until I eventually, after struggling to type through the laughter, answered with “There are starving children in Africa you know?” I have very few memories better than that and I can’t wait to make more here.


My first ever Destiny raid was with RM. It took me a few weeks after joining to work up the courage to actually join a raid because back then I thought you were all super serious professional players.I surprisingly wasn’t too shit at raiding so we had a great time. Although I wasn’t very familiar with the mechanics and still a bit shy so when I was accidentally left on Mars (Vault of Glass) in complete darkness I didn’t say anything and tried to make my way to the exit in pitch black.  That is until Shiina realised that I was missing and came and rescued me. Awesome first raid.

Elle was one of the first people I talked to on the server. But we only played properly together months after that when I talked her into buying ESO. We had a grand time adventuring together until we decided to make some money by robbing NPCs. Me being the amazing ESO player that I am, I decided to show her how it’s done. And so we snuck into a kitchen to steal some high value cooking ingredients. It is at the moment that a cook walked into the kitchen behind us and caught trying to steal the soup he just made. 🙈 We both had to escape guards and the angry cook as we tried to make our way out of the city with the soup.

Another great memory of mine that just keeps on giving is the time when during casual conversation bellsybell revealed that he wrote a book. 😁 Which I then bought and read, and my excitement for the marvelous work of fiction encouraged other people on the server to buy it. It also gave birth to a great raid tradition 😁

When Mei finally put on the Patrick suit. And the look of utter defeat and disappointment she gave us in that video was brilliant 😂

These are just a few of the memories that have been made during a pretty crazy twelve months. Months that have seen countless wipes, team kills and idiots who won’t play the objective. Thanks to this year I can never look at a cucumber without smiling. It’s been an immense pleasure spending this time with you and we all look forward to seeing just what madness the Monkeys can come up with next.


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