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Dallas Fuel, or “EnVyUs & friends”, are one of six teams in the Pacific division; alongside both Los Angeles teams, San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai. Their team colours are blue, slightly darker blue and a metallic silver. The team is co-owned by both EnVyUs and Hersh Interactive. According to their announcement post on the Overwatch League website, the team name was chosen as an “homage to the area’s role in the energy sector” while the colours were chosen to represent Team Envy’s nickname, ‘The Boys in Blue’. As expected, the team roster is made up of Contenders winning team Envy, with the additions of Canadian tank xQc and Australian support Custa.

As mentioned, xQc is new to the roster of tanks Envy already had. Joining him is main tank Cocco and flex tank Mickie. I’m going to be straight with you, I’m a huge Mickie fanboy. His D.Va play is incredible and his general attitude towards the game is second to none. He has taken a more flex role recently but it is his off-tanks of D.Va and Zarya where he gets most value. If you get the chance, take a look at Mickie’s D.Va play vs. Rogue in the OGN APEX Season 1 Quarter Finals. Watching him pick up a quad-kill Self Destruct after placing it in the path of Reinforce’s charging Reinhardt is one of my top Overwatch eSports moments of all time (video below).

In the main tank spot Dallas have both Cocco and xQc. Cocco is a veteran of OW eSports and one of the best Reinhardt players currently active. He is also quite proficient on Winston, but that is likely where xQc comes in. If I had to compare the two players, I would favour Cocco. That being said, xQc is arguably the better Winston of the two although suffers with a little less versatility. Cocco also has the advantage of playing with most of the Dallas roster for a very long time, dating back to when he was a part of IDDQD (not to be confused with the player) alongside Chipshajen, HarryHook and Taimou. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the pair switched often between maps, depending on the strategy the team choose to run.

For supports, Dallas Fuel have Chipshajen, HarryHook and new acquisition, Custa. HarryHook has traditionally played Lucio, flexing out to Soldier 76 or McCree when needed (although that is unlikely with their current DPS lineup). He was also the team captain for EnVyUs which is unlikely to change now they’re Dallas Fuel. Expect to see him in most matches.

Chipshajen and Custa play quite similarly. Pre-Mercy meta, both were prominent on both Ana and Zenyatta, although we saw them both on the Mercy during the World Cup. It is hard to place where Custa fits in with this squad. He’s a great player, but in my opinion he isn’t quite as solid as Chips. There’s a chance he could take HarryHook’s place, with him and Chips on the Mercy/Zenyatta combo but I can’t see the team dropping their main shot caller lightly.

Dallas Fuel have quite the colourful DPS line-up with EFFECT, Seagull and Taimou. Between the three, they have all bases covered. EFFECT is an absolute beast on Tracer, easily one of the best in the world. In fact, during a post-tournament interview after Envy’s win at Contenders, Taimou claimed the team was carried by EFFECT – an incredibly high accolade.

Taimou himself played Tracer before EFFECT joined the squad back in April. Now he sits comfortably in the main hitscan roles running McCree and Widowmaker. He was also seen running Roadhog when the team tried to run triple DPS, with Cocco alone on Tank, but needed to revert back to a traditional 2/2/2. That being said, Envy did see great success running triple DPS, with Seagull stepping in, instead of Mickie, to play either Pharah or Genji.

Dallas Fuel’s main strength comes from their versatility and lack of weakness. We saw them frequently subbing between Mickie’s D.Va and Seagull’s Pharah between maps, during the Contenders Final vs. Faze, to great effect. Their ability to mix players and strategies without dropping a beat is unmatched by any team across the OWL making them one of the most exciting teams to watch.

On top of that, the general attitude shown by the team is some of the best in professional Overwatch. Between Taimou’s PMA (positive mental attitude) campaign and Mickie simply being Mickie, the team breathe some fresh life into what is otherwise a generally salty environment making them a true joy to watch both in and out of the games. Easily one of my top three teams likely to win the League.


Predicted Main Squad:

Cocco/xQc – Tank
Chipshajen – Support
HarryHook – Support
Taimou – DPS
Mickie – Tank / Seagull – DPS

Key Players:

Taimou – DPS
Chipshajen – Support

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