What’s Happening in New Mexico? Operation Chimera and Outbreak Easter Eggs

There has been talk of an Outbreak in the world of Rainbow Six. Talk of infectious and violent beings out there — hidden — and that Air Force One was grounded because of these unknown… things. What’s up fellow Monkeys? It’s Charlie here to bring you up to date on some of the fascinating Easter Eggs teasing the upcoming Outbreak event that’s kicking off Year 3. On November 20th, 2017, a QR code appeared in the main lobby. However, in it’s original form you couldn’t scan it because the center of the code is missing.

Hidden around the map, in various locations, are the coordinates needed to fill out the QR code. Once the QR code has been completed, it sends you to the this website which displays the following password:@rX9p]7’CKr- and is used to unlock the first file on the rainbowleaks.org website.

File #1 – Dead Drops in Oregon:

“My Fellow Facters, we have an opportunity to get ahead of a lie before it becomes another cover-up. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is experiencing an outbreak and the Feds are a little too quick to send “help,” almost like they’ve been prepared. We’ve managed to smuggle intel out of Truth or Consequences through an ARNG associate of the Manifest Destiny Militia. They share our distrust of FEMA and I can’t do this alone. We need all hands on deck here. So whatever your sources, whatever you can provide, share it here so we can all benefit from it.

Here’s what we know so far: Truth or Consequences is suffering an outbreak of an undetermined nature. The CDC is front and center, and the National Guard is rendering assistance, but all the pieces fell in place way too easily. This has false flag written all over it, but who’s the bad guy here. So give me what you got… let’s add to this database before someone Jimmy Hoffa’s all the evidence.”

We also get some pictures, one of which is a snapshot of a newspaper with the headline: STRANGE INFECTIOUS DISEASE IN NEW MEXICO… This is a pretty neat piece of lore and gives us more insight into the background of the Oregon map but also into the game itself. Maybe time will tell us what’s inside of Smoke’s beauties?

File #2 – Dead Drop located in Presidential Plane:

To obtain the password for this file, you need to find and decipher six postcards hidden in the Plane map. Each postcard has a different phrase: “Murder not”, “the Gaggle”, “nor Quarrel”, “in the Company”, “of a Colony”, and “or Conspiracy”. If you notice, the words “Murder”, “Gaggle”, “Quarrel”, “Company”, “Colony”, and “Conspiracy” are all capitalized and are also words used to describe groups of different species of birds (a murder of crows, etc.). By replacing each word with the bird species that it represents, then taking the first letter of each word, you’ll get the following password: CntGnSitPoaPoR. Unlocking this file again gives us five pictures as well as the following text:

“The President’s plane got attacked! It’s been grounded! Tell me this isn’t coincidence? Was the President trying to shut it down? Was he too close to the lies? Is this Phase II of the Truth or Consequences operation? I’ll tell you something the timing is terrible. It may have cost us a Facter within the inner circle who was helping us. He fired off some intel before the plane went dark, but what did he leave behind? We’ll never know but we’ll have to move carefully. They’re playing for keeps so that means the stakes are high. Keep that data coming, don’t let them derail the train! I’ll have more for you after we talk to some of our friends in the Russian hacking community.”

This piece of lore is interesting as it gives us some background on why the Plane being grounded. One of the five pictures is a transcript between a Kevin V and an Alicia M. The most important part of this is the following:

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“[Alicia M.]: They’re shooting people?

[Kevin V.]: I think-I think they’re defending themselves.

[Alicia M.]: Well, it’s New Mexico. They do have a lot of firear–

[Kevin V.]: No no, it’s not that. Al, I’ve been in Mosul and Aleppo. I know battlefield trauma and this is… different. There’s a lot of blunt force trauma or-or gaping wounds… I mean really horrible shit like I’m looking at earthquake victims, not war wounds… no GSWs or explosives-related injuries. I got in closer for a peek, but the med tent is INSIDE the quarantine zone away from their forward operating base, and the injured are mostly soldiers.

[Alicia M.]: What the hell is going on there?”

There are no gunshot wounds. Blunt force trauma is something we can associate with zombies as they tear into you and eat brains. This is more proof that Outbreak is certainly a zombies mode. The most recent Easter Egg is a dead drop on Kafe Dostoyevsky, but the file it unlocks (File #3) doesn’t contain anything I found particularly interesting. Anyways, fellow Siegers, I bid you good luck! You’ll need it to defend against the things that go bump in the night.

Outbreak Packs, Outbreak and Operation Chimera Details

Now let’s move onto some of the more fun stuff about Outbreak and Operation Chimera. Something new that is being introduced during the month-long Outbreak special are Outbreak Packs. These packs include fifty new limited time cosmetic items that can only be attained by using Rainbow Six Credits, which you can only buy with real money. However, Ubisoft is giving all current players four free Outbreak Packs while brand new players will receive ten free Outbreak Packs. There’s quite a bit of stir going on about this since current players are feeling cheated out of six Packs, but Ubisoft will also be giving all current players an Elite Ash skin to try to compensate for it. Personally, I’m not upset seeing these are all cosmetic items only. Another important thing to note is that you will not get any duplicate items from these packs.

Ubisoft recently released some more news on Operation Chimera including the names of the two new Operators, Lion and Finka, who will be also be playable in the new Outbreak game mode along with: Recruit, Smoke, Ying, Buck, Kapkan, Ash, Doc, Glaz, and our Lord Tachanka. {-7}

Given all of the above information, I’m actually super excited for the Outbreak event. I can’t wait to try the two new Operators, check out the new maps for the Outbreak game mode, and read up on all of the new lore about the Rainbow Six team.


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