News Rush: R6 Charm Drops, Monster Hunter Ryu, and a Purple Dragon?!

Hey everyone! This is your favorite retrospective loud owl, Screaming Rowlet, bringing you this week’s news roundup from the world of gaming! Think you missed something important in the last few days or just want a refresher? This is where you’ll get it. There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s get right into it.

Rapid Fire News

Leading off the news today is the most important thing I’ll talk about all year (in my opinion, but still it’s massive). Kotaku UK News Editor and prolific journalist/writer Laura Kate Dale has broken the news that Activision is possibly working on a Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remaster for the PS4. The developers of the massively successful Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remaster, Vicarious Visions, are at the helm again for this one. Like the N. Sane Trilogy from 2017, the remasters will feature many improvements to the game such as graphics and soundtrack. There is also a promise of unreleased content being added to the game, similar to how the Stormy Ascent level was included in the Crash remaster. The Spyro Trilogy remaster is supposed to be announced in March 2018 and released in Q3 of the same year, supposedly in September to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the franchise. I want to stress this is just a rumor at the moment, but Laura has a prolific history of correctly reporting many industry leaks including the Nintendo NX (Switch) and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, so this is definitely something to watch for in the coming weeks. Check out her story with all the details here!

The Valentine’s Day event Crimson Days has begun for Destiny 2. As covered last week, the event will run until February 20th and will bring many rewards for players who complete certain challenges (raids, the Nightfall, Crimson Doubles in the Crucible, etc.), including exclusive emotes and Sparrows. The Burning Shrine map from Destiny 1 has also made it’s triumphant return during this event as Burnout. So grab your favorite running buddy or your special Valentine and get in there, Guardians!

Just a reminder, the Overwatch Year of the Dog event is in full swing and brings not only a competitive Capture the Flag mode, but also a multitude of new cosmetics.

Also in Overwatch news, a new PTR build has been released on PC and there are a LOT of changes on the horizon. Doomfirst, everyone’s favorite rogue meteorite is receiving a minor buff to his primary fire’s ammo recovery which should allow him to make use of it more consistently in combos. Mei, favorite of trolls everywhere, will be receiving a buff to the duration of her primary fire’s slow effect. No one is safe… especially because her alternate fire is also receiving a buff and will cost less “ammo” to use. Next up, Mercy’s Valkyrie ultimate ability will no longer show enemy health bars unless they’ve taken damage, reducing visual clutter.

However, the biggest changes this PTR belong to Sombra who will be receiving a multitude of buffs. This information is actually from last week, when it was accidentally included in the Lunar New Year update (and quickly removed via hotfix), but I forgot to include it in our previous New Rush. Big shoutout to Raging Monkeys member Vyxea for bringing this information to our attention! Here’s the goods, though: The spread on her Machine Pistol has been reduced. Translocator now has a longer duration and her EMP ultimate ability will no longer be blocked by small objects (such as sign posts). Her Opportunist passive will now allow her to see enemy health bars when they drop below 100% in addition to its previous effects. Finally, we’ve got her Hack ability… Sombra will no longer receive ultimate charge from hacked health kits, but she’ll be able to hack faster and hacking certain enemies will now disable more abilities, such as Pharah’s Hover Jets, Lucio’s Crossfade songs (not just the ability to switch between them), Lucio’s Wall Ride, Hanzo’s Wall Climb, etc. There’s a lot of changes here, and I’m sure they’ll inspire a lot of discussion. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

In Rainbow Six Siege news, Ubisoft is testing a new way to distribute exclusive in-game rewards during this weekend’s Six Invitational on Twitch. There are two ways to earn rewards:

  • Copper, Bronze, and Silver charms: You must be watching the stream at the 45th minute. Each day will earn you a different charm: Copper for Friday, Bronze for Saturday, Silver for Sunday.
  • Gold, Platinum, and Diamond charms: Watch the stream a total of 4, 8, or 12 hours respectively. (Between February 16th at 10am EST/3pm GMT and February 18th at 8pm EST/1am GMT)

To earn rewards you must link your Ubisoft account to your Twitch account and be logged in. The rewards will be added to your account within a few hours or a few days; Ubisoft is asking for patience on distribution as this is their first time trying anything like this. For more information, check out their official Twitch Drops announcement.

The Elder Scrolls Online is preparing to launch its brand new DLC, Dragon Bones, on February 27th for consoles. The DLC has already seen a release on PC, and the developers behind the game will be streaming a trial of one of the new dungeons at 6pm EST/11pm GMT on Friday, February 16th on Twitch and YouTube. Dragon Bones will feature two new dungeons and is free with an ESO Plus subscription or available for purchase on the Crown Store. Update 17 will also launch at the same time and features two new Battlegrounds, the outfit system, home storage, and more. For more information on Dragon Bones and Update 17, check out the full announcement on the ESO Blog.

Do you have both Street Fighter V (regular or Arcade Edition) and Monster Hunter: World? If so, the latest update in the Street Fighter x Monster Hunter cross-over event is now live! Complete the “Down the Dark, Muddy Path” quest before March 1st (7pm EST/12am GMT) to receive a special Ryu outfit for your Hunter to wear. To obtain the quest, you must have Street Fighter V save data on your PS4 and then claim the quest from your Housekeeper. Speak to the Arena Lass in the Gathering Hub afterward to embark on the quest. Additionally, everyone (even those without Street Fighter) will receive a new background and pose to customize their Guild Card with. Check out the Capcom Unity blog for full details.

Finally, in Pokemon news, players who connected their copy of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon to the Global Link service prior to the January 30th deadline can now log into their PGL account to receive a code for a free Master Ball. You can get up to two codes, one for each title if you bought both of them. Also announced was the Pokemon World Championship dates and location. Revealed to be heading to Nashville, TN at last year’s Worlds, the tournament will be hosted in the Music City Center from August 24th to August 26th, 2018. For more information on this, please visit the official Pokemon site for full details of the event.

Betas and Free Shit

For anyone who cares, or someone who just really wants to torture themselves, the Metal Gear Sol– I mean Metal Gear Survive beta will be brought back for one more weekend and will run from February 16th to the 18th. (Writers Note: #FucKonami).

For PlayStation Plus subscribers who snagged the game Mercenary Kings when it was available through the Instant Game Collection, you can now receive a free upgrade to Mercenary Kings Reloaded right now. The Reloaded edition includes two new chapters, new weapons to craft, and gameplay improvements throughout the game. And as a weekly reminder, Knack and RiME are still free for PlayStation Plus subscribers until March 6th so be sure to add these games to your collection before it’s too late.

It’s a double dose of free games this weekend with both Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege hosting free weekends to entice new players to try out the games (and hopefully buy them too). Overwatch’s free weekend will run from February 16th to February 18th and Rainbow Six Siege will run from February 15th to February 20th. Both are amazing games, so if you were looking to try them out before jumping in with a purchase, now is the perfect chance to do so.

The Week in Patch Notes

Monster Hunter World version 1.05 (which arrived just late enough to miss out on last week’s roundup) features nerfs to Slicing ammo; buffs to Normal, Piercing, and elemental ammo; fixes Squad issues; and various bug fixes. The full patch notes are available here. Also noteworthy, the 5 Million Celebration Item Pack has been fixed for players who could not redeem it before and its availability has been extended to February 22nd.

Destiny 2 had a small patch released. Hotfix, the one about the Lost Sectors, removed the Lost Sector throttle and now players may only open a chest once per boss defeated.

Finally, Fortnite has released their 2.5.0 patch. This patch adds Impulse Grenades and Treasure Shrines to the Battle Royale mode. It also adds Lunar New Year heroes and Dragon weapons to the Save the World mode, along with various gameplay and bug fixes. You can check out the full patch notes here.

Upcoming Releases

The first noteworthy release this week is… actually, never mind that noteworthy part. The first release I’m obligated to cover is Metal Gear Survive which is out on February 20th. That’s all I’m saying on that.

The only other actual noteworthy release is the port of de Blob 2 on the 27th. This quirky little action platformer is a sequel to the previously Wii-exclusive de Blob. It’s a great title, and I highly recommend both games if you’re in the mood for something fun and different.

That’s all the news for this week. Let us know what your thoughts are and what you’re playing in the comments below. Until next week, see you later!

-Screaming Rowlet

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