The Activity Finder Explained

The Activity Finder is found within the game menu of ESO, and allows players to access a range of different group activities as described below. There are benefits of using the Activity Finder, such as finding other players to fulfill roles needed to complete a particular activity, or even if already grouped to earn bonus XP on daily activities.

Team Roles

Finding activities via the Activity Finder will require you to assign a role, or roles, to your character as some activities necessitate a certain ratio of roles to allow groups to enter the activity this way. The reasoning behind this is to ensure balance in the group and to make the activity as easy and enjoyable as possible for all involved. Although more experienced players can adapt their toons to fulfill more than one role in easier dungeons, it is advisable to select a role which fits your character class and your own playstyle to avoid frustrating yourself and your fellow team mates!

The roles in ESO are allocated as follows;

Tank – who will be responsible for ‘aggroing’ bosses and mobs and drawing their attention away from other players. Usually tank character ‘builds’ have more points in stamina and health, with gear to add buffs to these, as well as skills that are ‘taunt’ skills – these grab the attention of enemies and are therefore considered tank skills. Many tank builds also suggest resource returns for stamina and also some self-heals. Weapons equipped are traditionally a sword and shield.

Healer – is responsible for, yes that’s right, healing the group and providing buffs in terms of resource returns (health, stamina or magicka) for the team. Many theorycrafters suggest Restoration/Destruction staves on both bars, as skills in these lines can provide resource return to the Healer and allows for some ranged damage.

Damage Dealer (DD) – colloquially known as DPS (Damage Per Second), these are the players who will focus on dealing the most damage in the dungeon. They can only do this if the tank is tanking, the healer is healing and the DPS toons have damage heavy skills and gear equipped.


Dungeons are four-player activities, which although can be accessed via the main map, can also be accessed via the activity finder in the ESO menu. Some teamwork and coordination is required, and if entering via the activity finder the team will need to be allocated roles: one Tank, one Healer and two DDs/DPS. ‘Normal’ dungeons can be accessed from Level 10 upwards, some Veteran dungeons from Level 50 upwards, and others from CP 160 upwards.

Each dungeon has its own quest with its own rewards and can be completed once by each toon. Bosses in dungeons also drop equipment, known as Monster Sets, with specific traits which can be useful to players as they develop their builds, so players may wish to select a specific dungeon from the Activity Finder. Once per day, each toon can complete a ‘random daily’ dungeon for bonus XP.

The Undaunted and Pledges

What even are these pledges everyone keeps talking about? These are part of some ‘end game’ content which are provided by a unique guild in ESO which rewards you for taking on dungeons and provides a unique skill line. To join the Undaunted, find the recruiter within your faction’s starting city (Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch or Vulkhel Guard). Complete the quest called “One of the Undaunted” to be initiated into the group.

Pledges are daily quests that offer unique rewards that cannot be earned anywhere else in game. Pledges require you to be Level 45 or higher, and players are rewarded with ‘Undaunted Keys’ to open the chests at the Undaunted Enclave, which contain the rewards. There are three pledges available each day, two of which are part of the base game and one is a DLC dungeon. Each completion rewards one key, however players that complete the dungeon on Veteran and activate the ‘Hard Mode’ (usually reading a scroll before killing the final boss) are rewarded with two keys.

Cyrodiil – The Land of Player versus Player

A little misleading, as Cyrodiil also has some PvE elements that you would find in other map zones, also – such as Delves, Skyshards and enemies wandering around. Cyrodiil is also the setting of the Alliance War which is where all the PvP action in ESO takes place. Three Alliances are fighting against one another and your toon is the member of one of them. Their impact into world PvP helps your faction to win the Alliance War and to control the Imperial City. When your faction controls the Imperial City, it is possible to challenge Molag Bal and his armies.

Via the Activity Finder, players can enter Cyrodiil on a PvP Alliance Campaign. As players are fighting one another, you can play with friends however if your toons are in different Alliances then in Cyrodiil you will be enemies and can kill one another! What is a campaign? I hear you ask… They are separate instances of Cyrodiil. Each campaign looks exactly the same and consists of the same land and keeps. Campaigns are a way of splitting up the population of Tamriel into different servers to reduce lag.

There are a few ways to help your faction win. You can fight against against enemies (other players) and capture objects or you can support your army by setting up siege weapons, reinforcing keeps and upgrading guards. Essentially, the core goal of the war is to undertake control of all of the castles around Imperial City so that Molag Bal can be challenged.

Battlegrounds (Morrowind Only)

The battlegrounds in ESO are also PvP, however unlike the PvP in Cyrodiil, teams are not bound by Alliance, but can be made up from players from all three Alliances. The battlegrounds can only be played with the Morrowind expansion and are 4v4v4 (from each Alliance) arenas for PvP battle. Players can queue solo and find a group, or as a pre-formed group (2-4 players). Battleground matches are designed to be fast-paced and last around 15 minutes at a time with objective based action such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination.

Hopefully the whistle-stop tour of the activity finder above is useful, if you ESO players have any more questions, feel free to drop them into the ESO channel and our friendly gang will happily answer them for you.


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