News Rush: Brigitte Doesn’t Cost $10…

Hey everyone! This is your favorite retrospective loud owl, Screaming Rowlet, bringing you this week’s news roundup from the world of gaming! Think you missed something important in the last few days or just want a refresher? This is where you’ll get it. There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s get right into it.

Rapid Fire News

Kicking things off this week, it’s time to CLASH! The next Iron Banner begins on Tuesday, March 6th and ends on March 13th. The game mode this time around is Clash and there are three featured weapons up for grabs. There’s also some BIG changes coming to Iron Banner and Crucible in the near future. Iron Banner in particular will be returning to the classic Destiny formula with control zones neutral at the beginning of the round, additional Guardians increasing capture speed, and going back to 6v6. For more information check out This Week at Bungie.

Next up, Overwatch Competitive Season 9 has officially begun! The only change to the competitive field this time around is the addition of the newest map, Blizzard World. You’ve got until April 26th to complete your placement matches to collect your usual swag: competitive points, season-exclusive player icon, and season-exclusive spray. You can see all the goods on the official blog post.

Continuing on with more Overwatch news, Hero 27 was announced out of nowhere! Brigitte (pronounced like Vegeta, “Brih-Geeta”), daughter of Torbjörn, is the newest addition to the Support roster. A quick overview of her abilities: she has a melee Rocket Flail along with a Barrier Shield and healing Armor Packs. Honestly, there’s a lot to cover and I’m short on time so for full details, including her backstory and abilities, head over to her official hero page.

Moving over to Fortnite, the Solid Gold Mode is here! This is a limited time event and the key feature is that all drops are Legendary tier (or “Gold” tier). This limits some of the weapons you’ll be running with but also means that every weapon will pack a powerful punch as well. So drop on in and glide your way over to our Fortnite Battle Royale channel now to play this seriously fun mode with some seriously fun folks.

Happy second birthday to The Division and congratulations on hitting 20 million players! They’re celebrating with weekly global events through the month of March, rewards for tuning in to their streams on Twitch (with linked account), and a free sneeze emote at the Reward Claim Vendor. For more information, check out the official blog post.

The next Monster Hunter: World x Horizon Zero Dawn event quest, “The Proving”, is now live! Hunt down a giant Anjanath for exclusive event materials to craft Aloy’s bow and a full armor set costume, similar to the Ryu set available last week. So get to it, Hunters!

It’s almost time to venture inside the Quarantine Zone… Rainbow Six Siege’s co-operative PvE event, Outbreak, begins on March 6th along with Operation Chimera. Additionally, the Renown cost of the original 20 Operators and the Renown cost for all attachements for all (past and future) Operators will be removed for @everyone (Charlie…) that doesn’t have a Starter Edition of the game. You can find more information about Operation Chimera here and the Renown cost changes here.

And now it’s time for a game we don’t normally talk about. Boyband Simulator XV Er… Final Fantasy XV, is getting four more episodes throughout 2019 to complete the universe it has built and complete the content for the game. Originally planned to be finished in 2018, director Hajime Tabata said that they were unable to fit everything into such a tight schedule and therefore expanded the development time past 2018 to fully satisfy their fans and finish off their expansive RPG world. We will cover more details as they become available.

Finally, in random news, popular YouTube musician FamilyJules has released one of the greatest medleys I’ve ever heard in my life. The Super Mario Super Medley is a collaborative effort by Jules and seventy different musical artists/YouTubers to celebrate the iconic franchise that is credited with saving the gaming industry alongside the NES in the 80s. Words cannot do this outstanding composition justice, so check it out on YouTube and enjoy this masterpiece.

Betas and Free Shit

OH MAN, HAVE I BEEN EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT THIS! PlayStation Plus has revealed the free lineup for March and it just might be the greatest one to date. This month, travel to Yharnam and battle bloodthirsty beasts as you try to escape a living nightmare in the critically acclaimed Bloodborne. If that’s not your taste, hop in your spaceship and travel to the Solana system to fight intergalactic evil and save the galaxy with insane guns in Ratchet and Clank, the 2016 reboot edition. Now if that’s still not your taste, Mighty No. 9 is also free and you can play that because you obviously hate good games and want to only play the shittiest of games.

Also in PlayStation Plus news, Sony announced today that the PS3 and Vita will only receive games until March 8th, 2019. Starting on that day, only PS4 games will be available for the Plus service. This will not affect games already added to your library through Plus. For more details on this month’s lineup and this service change, head over to the PlayStation Blog.

The next game hardly needs an introduction because it won (close enough to) the majority of our recent Ape-preciation Awards. Guerilla Games is celebrating the first anniversary of Horizon Zero Dawn’s release as well as its surpassing of 7.6 million is sales by giving away a free avatar bundle and Photo Mode theme. The theme consists of a lot of fan-taken snapshots compiled into a slideshow. For more information on that and Guerilla Games talking about their massive hit game, check out their blog post.

The Week in Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online has updated to Version 1.32 and has also released the Dragon Bones DLC on consoles. The patch includes several updates to the base game such as: outfits, home storage furnishings, various advisors, and more! For the full patch notes, head on over to the official site.

Overwatch has released Version 2.34 just in time for Competitive Season 9. This patch covers all the changes we’ve previously discussed from the PTR including Sombra, Doomfist, and Mei. Be sure to visit the official site for all the details on how Sombra has become even MORE annoying.

Fortnite Version 3.1.1 to released today. This patch is covering client crashes that some players have been experiencing. It’s a small patch (like this paragraph!), but a very much welcomed one at that.

Upcoming Releases

Bridge Constructor Portal is officially out now. Combining physics based bridge building with the much loved Portal franchise since Valve doesn’t give enough of a shit to make a new Portal game. This is a fun little game for fans of both physic puzzle games and the Portal series.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is out on March 6th. The Royal Edition includes over 20 DLC items including all season pass content, a brand new dungeon, and new game features like a first person mode and new bosses, among other things. If you haven’t bought into the newest entry in the iconic storied franchise yet, there’s never been a better time than now with this amazing package.

That’s all for the news this week! Tell us what you think of the news, what we missed, and what you’re playing as always in the comments below. And until next time, see you later!

– Screaming Rowlet

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