Carini’s Snow Day Survival Guide

It’s that time of year: Spring! Surely the sun is bound to come out, temperatures are bound to rise, and that last patch of snow will finally melt, right? WRONG. Spring may be here, but if you’re like me and live in the northeastern US, winter is just getting started. So what do you do when work or school proclaim those two words that make every kid jump for joy and every adult shudder at the thought of picking up a shovel? Here’s my guide to prepping for gaming on a snow day.

Organize your backlog. We all have that list of games we have yet to start because we’re still hung up on our latest obsession. Snow days are a great time to knock some of those out, especially any single player games with the almost inevitable internet blackouts you may be faced with. Who knows, maybe with the several storms you get in mid-March you’ll be able to cut your backlog in half.

Finally get that achievement you’ve been saying you’re going to get for a gazillion years. Sometimes you just need to pass the time with a mind-numbing activity. Scouring a game for every last collectible could be just that activity. Or maybe the achievement you’ve been longing for is a high score. It could even be that almost-impossible-the-odds-are-so-stacked-against-you-even-a-masochist-wouldn’t-hunt-for-this shiny female Combee you’re after. Whatever your trophy is, use this time to hunt it down.

Charge your devices. When it comes to snow days, battery packs and handhelds are your friends. Snow days bring with them the very real potential of power outages, and no gamer wants to be caught with their handhelds dead when the console clearly isn’t an option. Keeping your phone on is a priority as well, because even if you don’t have a handheld gaming system, crappy smartphone games are better than no games.

Break out the couch co-op. If you’re lucky enough to have a companion in your frozen adventure, and happen to have a spare controller or a rig from days gone by, treat yourself to some quality game time with your fellow victim of nature’s cold touch. It doesn’t even have to be co-op. You could kick each other’s asses at some good old fashioned “no screenhopping!” local PvP.

Don’t be afraid to kick it analog. I’m sure most of you just assumed by “gaming” that I meant video games. Au contraire, mon frère, I love me a good board game. What better way to bond with your friends and family then by cursing them out after you land on their Park Place for the 3rd consecutive time passing that side of the game board?

Hopefully, if you find yourself at home on a snow day, you’re left with power and internet to game to your heart’s content. But you have to be prepared for the worst. So, keep this guide in a safe place, because it’s dangerous to go alone.

– Carini

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