News Rush: Warminds and Dragons and Port-a-Forts, oh my!

…AAAND, WE’RE BACK! And we’re totally late (again) because we underestimated the sheer might of Friday the 13th. Lesson learned! I’m ShiinaBat and I’m joined by the loudest bird on the server, Screaming Rowlet, and special guests Tom (writing/editing) and Carini (editing). But less the talking and more with the news…ing!

Rapid Fire News

Kicking this week off, SPYRO IS FUCKING CONFIRMED BABY! The Spyro Reignited Trilogy was announced last week and will be released this September. Just like with the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, all three original games will be included (Spyro the Dragon, Ripto’s Rage, and Year of the Dragon) with updated graphics and sound as well as improved controls and new features (such as fast travel, apparently). You can check out of the reveal trailer on YouTube.

The next Destiny 2 expansion has been revealed! Warmind will drop of May 8th and will mark the beginning of Season 3. We don’t know much about the actual content of the expansion yet, but according to the updated Development Roadmap, we can look forward to much anticipated features like: seasonal Crucible rankings, private matches, increased vault space, multi-emote, Heroic Strike modifiers, Nightfall Challenge Cards, and more. Additionally, Bungie will be allowing players that don’t own Curse of Osiris or Warmind to play on the DLC-exclusive maps in Crucible playlists, but you’ll still be required to own the DLC to play them in private matches. Look forward to more Warmind details during the official reveal on April 24th!

In SEGA news, Shenmue 1 and 2 are coming to consoles and PC! No release date has been given, but there will be updated controls along with classic controls and both Japanese and English voice acting. Shenmue was absolutely breathtaking when it released on the Dreamcast all those years ago; there was just nothing quite like it: a cross between a day-to-day life simulator, action RPG, and forklift racer. It’s even credited with coining the term QTE (Quick Time Event), which feature heavily in this game (and were relatively unusual at the time). If you haven’t experienced Ryu’s tragic tale of revenge, then you really need to do yourself a favor and pick these up!

Spider-Man‘s got a release date! The web-slinging superhero will swing his way onto your console on September 7th in an open world action RPG with a story that’s separate from the movies. Game Informer has the world-exclusive goods including tons of videos, check out their coverage over here if you want to know more!

Surprising no one, Siegfried has been confirmed to return for another fight in Soul Calibur VI! Much like he does in previous installments, Siegfried utilizes giant, hard-hitting sword slashes to put the hurt on opponents. He also has a series of knees and kicks that operate as his faster attacks. You can look forward to pitting him against Nightmare, Ivy, Kilik, Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Xianghua, Zasalamel, Grøh, and Geralt (Witcher 3) sometime in 2018! Check out his reveal trailer on YouTube.

Revisit Overwatch‘s rich history in their latest seasonal event: the Overwatch Archives, featuring not one, but TWO PvE levels. Play as Reaper, Genji, McCree or Moira as they attempt to escape from a botched Blackwatch mission in Retribution. Or replay last year’s Uprising retelling and take back King’s Row from Null Sector terrorists as Tracer, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, or Mercy. Both Retribution and Uprising also feature a Hard Mode and an All Heroes mode. And as always, there’s a plethora of new cosmetics to collect (shown below). The Overwatch Archives event ends April 30th.

Today is yet another Community Day in Pokemon GO! This time, the spotlight is on the adorable and static-y Mareep, who can learn the move Draco Meteor if you evolve it into an Ampharos during a certain timeframe. You’ll also be able to hatch 10km eggs super quickly! For more information on the festivities, check out the official event on the Pokemon GO website.

Capcom has announced two new re-release bundles. The Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 will be released July 24th and contain a total of eight games. Legacy Collection 1 will contain Mega Man X 1 through 4, and Legacy Collection 2 will contain Mega Man X 5 through 8. All games will have new graphical filters, a gallery, a music player mode, boss rush mode, and the new X Challenge mode in which you can face off against two bosses at once! Fuel your 30th Anniversary hype by watching the reveal trailer!

Betas and Free Shit

The Monster Hunter: World Spring Blossom Fest has begun! Running until April 19th, the festival allows you to craft unique Spring Blossom gear. In addition, all of the previous crossover quests (like Street Fighter and Horizon Zero Dawn) are available if you missed them the first time around! There’s also a new Mega Man crossover event which allows you to earn some voxel blue bomber gear for your Palico and allows you to hunt to an assortment of classic tunes from Mega Man 1 through 5. Finally, the next crossover event featuring Devil May Cry has been dated! You can earn Dante’s signature threads on April 27th, so mark your calendar.

The newest Overwatch League skin has been unlocked! Viewers and collective cheering have allowed anyone who has linked their Twitch and Blizzard (…and PSN) accounts and donated a minimum of 300 Bits can now redeem a special OWL Widowmaker skin, along with all of the previously unlocked OWL skins (Junkrat and Tracer). No money for Bits? No problem! Twitch has recently added the ability to watch ads in exchange for free bits, so no one is left out! Head over the to “Loot” section underneath the OWL Stream to redeem your skins. For more information on earning Bits for watching ads, check out this support article.

Far Cry 5 continues its release of regular live events by inviting you to the Arcade! The “Arcade Dawn” event runs until April 17th and challenges you to play a minimum of 40 minutes in the expansive sandbox mode, which includes competitive multiplayer and co-op. For your efforts you’ll be rewarded with the juicy Vector .45 ACP submachine gun, all ready to pepper religious fanatics with hot lead! Make sure to grab this exclusive time-limited deal and don’t get tripped up by a slippery pig while doing so.

Don’t forget to stuff April’s free PlayStation Plus lineup into your cart. This month’s theme seems to be all burning rubber with Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo on offer. Scratch that racing itch today!

And finally, incase you missed our post on Facebook, Ghost Recon Wildlands is offering a free weekend to coincide with the release of Sam Fisher in the game. Full details can be found here, and the weekend started Thursday, April 12th. Don’t delay because it ends today!

The Week in Patch Notes

The Fortnite 3.5 patch is live, and with it comes a brand new item, the Port-A-Fort. To use this consumable item, you throw it down like a grenade and an instant fort is built for your protection. This could easily turn the tides in a tight battle, so drop in and grab the Fort! Also included is the return of Survive The Storm! The ever-popular 50v50 V2 mode was also set to return, but some extremely bad downtime and broken servers has postponed the event until next week.

Upcoming Releases

The smash hit indie title We Happy Few is finally out on PS4! Will you take your medicine and be a good little Wellie, or will you be a Downer and see the world for what it really is? The choice is yours!

Masters of Anima is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch! As Otto, you have the ability to harness the power of Anima to animate and control vast armies of Guardians who you’ll lead to war against the loathesome Zahr and his Golems! Strategic thinking is key if you want to have any hope of saving your beloved Ana. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then check out the launch trailer for more information.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is almost here! Dropping Tuesday, April 17th, you can finally be a gangster again! Remember, any progress made in the demo will carry over to the full version of the game, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t yet!

Bolstered by over 20 perfect scores, Dad God of War is back and more Norse than ever before! Join Kratos and his son as they embark on a heartwarming journey to spread your wife’s ashes and fulfill her last wish. Along the way you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters and put your relationship with your son to the test. What will happen when he finds out that you’re truly a God? Find out on April 20th! (lol420blazeit <insert Snoop gif>)

And that’s all for the news this week, but wait — don’t go just yet! We’ve still got one last meta announcement to make! Effective this week, News Rush will be moving to a much more sensible day of the week: Saturdays! This will hopefully allow us to strike a better balance between including as much news as possible (such as Friday announcements) while still allowing you plenty of time to check out any free weekends we may cover. As always, though, if you’ve got any feedback or critique then please let Shiina know. I want to hear from you!

Until next time, please let us know your thoughts on this week’s news or if we missed anything juicy in the comments below!

– Screaming Rowlet, ShiinaBat, Tom, & Carini

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