News Rush: Fiery Comets and Icy Hive

Hey everyone! This week it’s your favourite retrospective Owl the notorious Lightbulb Destroyer Tom, along with the ever-sparkling ShiinaBat, bringing you News Rush! It’s here you’ll find everything worth knowing from this week in gaming. Time to rocket jump our way through this week’s gaming gold mine!

Rapid Fire News

Bungie dropped a characteristic bombshell this week by officially revealing Warmind, Destiny 2’s second expansion! We’ve woken the Hive again, but this time it’s on Mars and they seem to have a much chillier disposition towards us. They also teased the new game mode Escalation Protocol, which is set to be released in the Warmind DLC. For veteran Destiny 1 players, it looks to be the lovechild of the Prison of Elders and the Court of Oryx.

It’s been a busy week for our pals at Bungo because they’ve also promised Exotic Masterworks to go along with the existing Legendary Masterworks. Players will have to get their hands on a Masterwork Catalyst before they can begin the process, which will end up giving stat and perk bonuses to the weapon! Tasty.

The meteorology department at Epic Games has had a particularly interesting week in Fortnite, as meteors have been spotted (and impacting) all the way from Moisty Mire to Junk Junction! Not only that, but emergency broadcasts have started showing on all TV screens. This hasn’t been the only place that the space rocks have been spotted however, as the artwork for season 4 sports a fiery hue. It’s coming soon, guys!

We were treated to a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider by Square Enix, showing off our favourite tomb-busting heroine Lara Croft on another daring adventure! It’s set to release on the PS4 on September 14th, so be sure to grab yourself a copy lest you miss out on the action. Check out the trailer below:

Time to move on to the juicy stuff – it’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the Betas, Free Stuff and Events!

Betas, Free Stuff, and Events

Ever thought about giving For Honor a try, but never gotten around to it? Well fret no more, as next weekend Ubisoft is giving players a free-to- play weekend! Be sure to give it a go if honour is your thing – I personally have never had much.

For Honor – Free Weekend!

From May 3-6, take to the battlefield for a free weekend with For Honor ⚔ Learn more here >

Geplaatst door Ubisoft op donderdag 26 april 2018


The battle-royale that’s faced fierce competition from the likes of Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Fortnite is back, and this time as a free-to-play game! H1Z1’s open beta begins on the 22nd of May, so if the other offerings in that genre don’t quite tickle your taste buds, why not give it a shot?

What’s this, a demo? Have we time-travelled back to the PS2’s heyday? Your eyes do not deceive you, gamers, as Detroit: Become Human celebrated going gold by releasing a free demo onto the Playstation Store on the 24th of April.

Eyes up, Guardians! 6v6 Iron Banner starts in Destiny 2 on the 1st of May, and its control! Lord Saladin requests your attendance, so don’t disappoint him. Find out more here.

Fancy looking like Dante from the Devil May Cry series in Monster Hunter: World? Now’s your opportunity, as Dante’s armor set and Demon Sword were released by Capcom on the 27th April! To get your hands on the armor set, you must complete the Code: Red quest and derive it from Teostra, Rathalos, Odogaron, and Anjanath parts. For the Demon Sword, you must defeat a high ranking Teostra in the Arena. Both of these have to be completed during the Devil May Cry Event, which ends on the 11th May. You know what to do, Hunters!

May’s free PlayStation Plus line-up has been announced! The major freebies this month include the classic Rayman Legends – relive your childhood with this platforming RPG, which now comes with four player co-op and online challenge mode! I highly recommend adding this to your library. We’re also treated to Beyond: Two Souls – a psychological action thriller from the same makers of Detroit: Become Human that’s bound to keep you entertained. Other freebies for the coming month include Risen 3: Titan Lords for PS3, Eat Them! for PS3, Kind Oddball for the PS Vita (though you can Cross Buy with PS3 and PS4, so keep that in mind!), and Furmins also for the PS Vita. As a reminder, if you sign up for Spotify Premium through your PS4 then you’ll get a cool 10% off of the monthly fee. Further details on the official PlayStation blog.

The Week in Patch Notes

Fortnite version 3.6 added The Clinger grenade, that (true to it’s name) lands your opponents in a sticky situation by attaching itself to your enemies or the environment and exploding a short time later. It’s an uncommon item discoverable in Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, and Treasure Chests, and you can get your grubby hands on it in both Battle Royale and Save The World. Epic Games also added the Noble Launcher in Save The World mode, which is essentially a lightning gun. Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening! Additionally, the minigun received a 10% buff to accuracy, while recoil is reduced by 10%. Hit detection on snipers was also greatly improved. For full details, check out the official patch notes.

A very quiet week when it comes to game changes! Let’s dive right into the Upcoming Releases section to check out what awaits us in May.

Upcoming Releases

Buckle up, pilot! Battlezone Gold Edition is coming to PS4 and PSVR on May 1st. Upgrade and personalise your tank as you shoot your way through procedurally generated levels. Do it with your friends as well, because it has a 4 player co-op campaign! Looks like a blast!

Fancy being a thief? Look no further! From the developers of Bioshock, City of Brass is coming to PS4 on May 4th! It’s a first-person action adventure game, where you’re under a curse that causes you to die and be reborn again and again. Definitely worth a peek for those of you that enjoyed Bioshock!

That’s it for this week, guys! If we missed anything, then please let us know in the comments below. This has been Lightbulb Destroyer Tom and Sparkle Queen ShiinaBat, signing off!

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