News Rush: A Moment of Silence

Hello again primates, and welcome to yet another episode of our exclusive News Rush. Our usual rambunctious reporter Screaming Rowlet is still being a lazy bum on hiatus, so it’s your soup-sipping SM Lightbulb Destroyer and ever-gleaming empress ShiinaBat again bringing you PlayStation’s headline stories. This week is brimming with gaming intrigue, so let’s get riiiiiight into the Rapid Fire News!

Rapid Fire News

We begin in Tamriel with a treat for our ESO players – Zenimax have dropped another trailer for the upcoming Summerset Isles DLC! This time we get an insight into the story behind the Psijic Order and Artaeum, which has run befoul of Daedra. Check it out for yourself below!

That’s not all for our resident sword-slashers and magic-masters, because the Crown Store Showcase for May 2018 has dropped! Get your hands (or paws, for you Khajiit) on brand new Crafting Motifs, 15-Day, 7-Day, and 1-Day Jewelry Crafting Research Scrolls, magnificent houses, and much, much more!

It’s time to leap on over to Fortnite and Epic Games have some meteoric changes in store! Season 4 has crashed down upon us and overhauled the landscape of the island. Dusty Depot is no more and instead is now known as Dusty Divot, while the new Risky Reels area first seen in the trailer has been added. There’s a whole slew of other changes and caveats to the updated map, so check them out for yourself!

Don your Stetsons and draw those revolvers because we’re going to the Wild West! Red Dead Redemption 2 dropped it’s third trailer on the 2nd, giving us more juicy insights into the setting behind Rockstar’s newest cowboy simulator. The Wild West is crumbling, with most gangs having already been apprehended by the notorious lawmen. This time, our pistol-toting protagonist is Arthur Morgan, and he’s going to do his damnedest to keep that American Dream alive. Still yearning for some gameplay info? We’ve got you covered! Huge credit to Taylor for sharing this gameplay discussion video with us. Trailer below!

Blinking on over to Blizzard, and Overwatch’s Season 10 has begun! Prepare yourselves for the inevitable soaring salt levels that this will bring. With it, new heroine Brigitte (who we summarised in our YouTube video) was released for competitive play, so be sure to give her a whirl if Scandinavian supports are your thing! Speaking of salt levels, I have some wonderful news regarding our least favourite Shimada. No longer will we have to throw our innocent controllers at the wall, because Scatter Arrow is no more! Hanzo’s rework is finally live on all servers, drastically changing his abilities and quite possibly his role in a team comp. More to follow on this in Patch Notes!

Blizzard have also released another brand-new map called Rialto with the advent of Season 10! It’s not on the competitive rotation yet, so if you want to give it a go in-game then you’ll have to visit Arcade or Quick Play.

Over at Bungie, developers are counting down until the release of the brand new Warmind DLC for Destiny 2! Dropping on May 8th, the update will also bring more (free) quality of life improvements for those who just own the base game. Be sure to claim your milestone rewards before maintenance on that date, because Bungie Help warns that you may lose them if you don’t! It’s been a very turbulent road thus far for Bungie’s flagship sci-fi shooter, with the both the game and the developers facing widespread criticism since its release in September of last year. Will the Warmind DLC and the new changes restore Guardians’ faith in Bungie? Time will tell. For more details on this, check out This Week At Bungie!

In SOUL CALIBUR VI, Bandai Namco have revealed Taki, the legendary ninja fighter, to be making a return to the franchise! Fans are hyped to have the chance to wield her iconic swords, Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru, once again. The classic action fighting game is set to be released later this year, although the date is as of yet unconfirmed. Official reveal below!

It’s not backwards compatibility, but it is a step forwards! PlayStation Now, the paid PlayStation game streaming service, has announced that PS2 games will be making a return alongside the existing library of over 600 PS3 and PS4 games! Classic titles like Ape Escape 2 will be available to stream to your PC or PS4. They’re also currently available at the PS Store to download, so give the line-up a look and see what takes your fancy!

Fancy slaughtering monsters while looking like a Japanese schoolgirl? Well now you can! Over in Monster Hunter: World, Capcom have given Hunters the opportunity to unlock the Sakura armour set from Street Fighter! To be able to craft her armour, all you need to do is complete the Arena Lass’ challenge quests called ‘Empress in Full Bloom I, II, and III’. Finish all three of them for the entire set, and to start your fantasy of acting out an anime in the New World! Let’s face it though, it’s basically an anime already. Take a peek at her official reveal below!

Monster Hunter: World – Street Fighter V collaboration: Sakura

"Pleased to meet you!" 🥊Special challenge quests to unlock Sakura from Street Fighter Empress in Full Bloom I, II, III now available to all Monster Hunter: World hunters.

Geplaatst door Monster Hunter op donderdag 3 mei 2018


We’ve finally made it to the end of the Rapid Fire News! *breathes heavily* We’ve still got tons to cover, so let’s bullet jump our way into the scrumptious Betas, Free Stuff, and Events!

Betas, Free Stuff, and Events

EU Monkeys, did you miss the Far Cry 5 hype train? Well luckily for you, it’s making a return pass! It’s on sale right now on the PlayStation Store, so be sure to take advantage of that if you wanted to give it a try. It’s not all bad for you NA cult-killers though, because the Shovel Launcher is being released in Far Cry 5! Yes, you read that right. Ubisoft are digging a hole for themselves by allowing players to murder deranged religious zealots in spades. I make no apologies for the puns because this is truly one of the most hilarious headlines I’ve had the pleasure of reporting on! To get your hands on this extra-dangerous excavator, simply complete the White Collar event in-game before May 8th. You’ll also be able to use your special spade in style, because the other reward for completing this is the Jacob Hunter outfit! Neat. See it in action below!

Back in Destiny 2, it’s your final call to grind out those tokens for the Iron Banner! Curtains close on the event on May 8th, so be sure to grab all the armour and weapons you desire from it before then. It’s also the last Iron Banner of Season 2, so it’s especially worth picking up anything you may have missed!

Attention apes! Important reminder that the PlayStation Plus free game line-up has now been released for May. Make sure you check out this official PlayStation blog post so you don’t miss out!

That’s all for this week’s freebies and events! Let’s take a look at what game changes have happened this week in our patch notes section.

This Week In Patch Notes

Fortnite’s Season 4 has started, and with it comes the changes that patch v4.0 brings! Hop Rocks now litter the asteroid crater, and if you consume them you’ll get a colossal increase to your jump height! Eating pebbles might give your protagonist a bit of a rocky road when it comes to taking a poo, though. Sorry about that one audience, I understand your stony silence. In other news, the Blockbuster Event Part 1 is now live in Save the World, so join Spitfire and Lok and have a look at what it offers! In gameplay changes, knocking an opponent off the island will now award elimination credit, and hitting a headshot will count regardless of other body parts being in the way. By far the biggest gameplay change, though, is the ability to destroy structures on the starting island. Thank you, Epic Games! For complete details on patch v4.0 (because I’ve only scratched the surface here), here are the complete patch notes.

In Rainbow Six Siege patch 1.2 dropped on May 2nd. Sick of the Lion Meta? Well the developers have heard you, monkeys! His scans will be reduced to 2, the cooldown between each scan increased from 10 to 20 seconds, and most importantly once you’ve been scanned, if you’ve stopped moving you’ll stop being scanned. Changes to other specific operators are briefly listed below:

  • Jaeger’s gadget will no longer destroy Hibana’s X-Karios pellets.
  • Blitz will lose a flash charge (reducing his total to 4), and his shield will now only be effective at 5 metres.
  • Hibana is replacing a claymore with a breach charge.
  • Ying loses her smokes whilst gaining a claymore.
  • Echo may be gaining a second Yokai drone.


Ubisoft are clearly keen on keeping things fresh because that’s not all that they’re looking to switch up! All operators with a speed stat of 3 will be getting slightly slower, whereas all 1-speed operators will be getting slightly faster. Finally, it’s rumoured that some defenders will be getting a bulletproof camera, able to see through smoke, instead of their gadget. A massive thanks to our resident R6 expert monkey Charlie for providing us with this information!

Heroes of Overwatch, ­­­­­­­as promised here we’ll go over the changes Season 10 brings! Firstly, Hanzo has had a huge overhaul with his abilities! His Sonic Arrow has had its cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds, while its duration and radius have had reductions as well to compensate. Not only have his spidey-senses been made more frequent, his projectile speed has also been buffed, meaning that he’ll be launching those tree trunks even faster. At least Scatter Arrow has gone, right? He now has the ability ‘Storm Arrows’, enabling him to fire up to 6 arrows rapidly that deal reduced damage, yet always are fired at full power. He’s also more mobile now, as his ‘Lunge’ ability allows him to leap forward whilst in mid-air. Brigitte, Genji, Junkrat, and Tracer have all received minor nerfs, while Lucio received buffs to his wallriding and Soundwave ability. You can see them all in detail here!

Time to take a look at what games are debuting soon! Let’s delve into the hottest Upcoming Releases.

Upcoming Releases

Are you a fan of the hit city-builder Cities: Skylines? Then good news! The Natural Disasters expansion has been announced to be hitting consoles on May 15th. Prepare for tsunamis, earthquakes, and even asteroids in the brand new DLC!

Calling all anime fans! You can download Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time on the PlayStation Store from May 15th for $49.99. The classic cartoon comes alive in this action adventure RPG, where you’ll join well-known characters like Atsuko Kagari in an original story from Bandai Namco. If you’re a fan of the Little Witch Academia series, then you should read more about this upcoming game here!

Time to rollout! The tank-driving RPG Metal Max Xeno is set to release in the West this Fall, after having already hit shelves in Japan. It’s the sixth instalment of the Metal Max series and is set to plunge us into a post-apocalyptic landscape where alliances will be forged, monsters will be killed, and tanks will be built! Check out this brand-new trailer below!

METAL MAX Xeno Announcement Trailer reminder

#ICYMI Check out the trailer for METAL MAX Xeno coming to the #PlayStation 4 this Fall 2018! You can preorder it at GameStop here:

Geplaatst door NIS America, Inc. op donderdag 3 mei 2018


Wow, what a packed week! If we missed anything or you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to message ShiinaBat in the Raging Monkeys Discord. A massive thanks to her as always for editing – she even went through this on her own birthday (I totally fell asleep instead, haha)! This has been SM Lightbulb Destroyer signing off another week of News Rush.

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