News Rush: Happy Birthday, Discord!

Greetings to you, the Guardians, Hunters, Operators, Soldiers, and Mages of the Raging Monkeys! I’m the infamous destroyer of lightbulbs, she’s the eminent distributor of sparkles, we’re Tom and Shiina, and this is News Rush! Without further ado, let’s jump right into our Rapid Fire News segment for this week.

Rapid Fire News

Ubisoft kick off this week by revealing their latest expansion for Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum! The new season looks set to deliver two new playable Operators (known as Maestro and Alibi), who hail from an Italian counterterrorism unit. Not only this, Ubisoft will be delivering Rainbow Six’s 19th map called Villa. Fancy a peek at your new stomping grounds? Check out the official trailer! These aren’t the only changes that Para Bellum will bring, as a new pick and ban system debuts this season which will be sure to add a new layer of strategy and innovation to your matches.

Blizzard are the true heroes of Overwatch this week, releasing a brand-new Mercy skin – our favourite guardian angel dons pink! Why does this make them heroes, you may ask? All proceeds from sales of this cosmetic item will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, down to the last penny. Be sure to grab this while it’s available because the sales window closes on May 21st! Select Twitch streamers will also be offering rewards for viewing their charity streams, including in-game sprays and icons (more details on the Overwatch website). It’s for a great cause, so what are you waiting for?

Attention, Tenno! In Warframe, Cephalon Simaris is looking for hunters to take on his new Sanctuary Onslaught challenge, which dropped for console this week! The mode resembles a wave-based Survival, the caveat being that you must maintain your Efficiency, hunter! This is the speed at which you kill enemies of ever-increasing difficulty. What’s the point of doing this mode? Khora drops exclusively from this! The new whip-wielding warrior comes with the iron-clad Kavat Venari as one of her abilities, so if chains are your thing, be sure to grind for her parts! Alternatively, you can be a lazy pay to win player purchase her for 335 platinum.

Destiny 2’s brand-new expansion, Warmind, dropped earlier this week, bringing with it a host of story missions and activities for players to devour. Speaking of devouring, guardians made a return to the Leviathan on May 11th to face a new challenge – the Spire of Stars raid lair! Gear up, guardians, because the Leviathan is not the only thing you’ll be returning to: Season 3 of Trials of the Nine makes a comeback in the update, featuring exclusive rewards for you to get your gloves on. Weapons, a new sparrow, ghost shell, and ship are the goodies Bungie offer for going flawless, but sadly no new armor ornaments. Be sure to check out all they have to say in This Week At Bungie!

This week also brought a bunch of releases to PlayStation:

Raging Justice returns to the PS4 on May 8th, which brings classic beat-em-up gameplay kicking and screaming to 2018. If fighting games are your forte and you want a return to a more retro style, then give the launch trailer a look!

Hyper Sentinel embraces the retro theme and revisits hit titles like Space Invaders from the late 1970s with its shoot ‘em up gameplay, having released for North America on May 8th. Don’t fret, Europeans, because it became available on the PlayStation Store on May 11th for us to enjoy. Launch trailer here!

Lastly, the much-anticipated Conan Exiles also dropped on May 8th! The game promises to deliver an open-world survival experience set in the times of Conan the Barbarian. It also offers full (in every meaning of the word!) character customization, and features that include the ability to build your own home and kingdom. Careful on checking out the trailer below this time, monkeys, because it is distinctly NSFW at times. You have been warned!

With hype surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII (*eye twitch*) building, an official Community Reveal event will be livestreaming on May 17th at 10am PDT/6pm BST! Sync your watches if you’re a fan, guys, because this promises to reveal gameplay of the long-awaited sequel to Black Ops III.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s Project Blurple and it’s here to celebrate Discord’s birthday! It’s been a whole 3 years since our favourite communication platform released, and the blue/white themed icons you might have seen are to show our thanks to Discord’s dedicated team. If you want to join in the fun, then feel free to join the Project Blurple server and blurpify your own icon! Happy birthday from all of us to you, Discord!

That’s all for this week’s Rapid Fire News segment. Ready yourselves for our ultimate weekly guide to Betas, Free Stuff, and Events!

Betas, Free Stuff, and Events

Taking a trip on the Battle Bus back to Epic Games, Fortnite offers up freebies for lucky Twitch Prime subscribers! From May 9th, players can grab Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack #2, which includes an outfit, bling, pickaxe, and emote. To claim your own, you’ll have to link your Epic and Twitch accounts, and then click on the crown next to the Twitch search bar. Take a look at the goodies here! 

Rockstar Games continues an ongoing theme of developer generosity in GTA Online! Log in once this weekend to receive a free gift of $250k, and another $150k for every day you login until May 14th. You’ve got a limited window of opportunity for the easiest cash grab in GTA V history, so don’t miss this one!

We make a return to our favourite space ninja simulator, Warframe, for our next event. Operation: Plague Star runs on PlayStation through to May 22nd, and this time we are… popping a giant zit. A zit that will apparently destroy Cetus if left unchecked, so do some runs, grab yourself some forma and arcanes as loot, and save the colony!

Astera needs you, hunter! That is, if you fancy running around in the exclusive Ryu full armor set as part of the Street Fighter V collaboration in Monster Hunter: World. To get your hands on this limited-time offer, simply accept the quest “The Awakened Satsui no Hado I, II, and III” from the Challenges category at the Arena counter. After that, get out there and in the immortal words of our Monster Hunter game captain: “Punch Nergigante straight in his dumb face!”.

This brings us to the end of the freebies! I know, I always hope this section goes on forever too, but alas all good things must come to an end. It’s not all bad though, because now we learn about game changes in This Week In Patch Notes!

This Week In Patch Notes

Opening this week’s patch notes section, Fortnite have dropped patch v4.1! Along with the inclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet mode, a new Save the World weapon was introduced called the HackSAW. It’s in the Weekly Store for you now, so don’t hesitate to pick it up and give this LMG a whirl! A ton of other bug fixes and minor QoL changes also occurred, so if you’re interesting in those, you can read the full patch notes here.

As happens with most large updates, Rainbow Six Siege also dropped a host of other changes with Operation Para Bellum. We touched on many of these last week by covering the vast majority of the upcoming changes, but if you need a refresher, take a look at these designer’s notes for the pre-season!

Back over in Blizzard’s flagship competitive team shooter Overwatch, a new Mercy skin for charity wasn’t the only thing that the update offered. Jeff’s team have also been hard at work fixing various bugs from previous updates, so be sure to take a look if you’re interested!

And lastly in our final segment we explore the most hotly anticipated releases, along with the biggest reveals over the past week, for the next seven days. It’s time for Upcoming Releases!

Upcoming Releases

Stage Clear Studios bring Monster Slayers, a rogue-like deck-building RPG that allows you to create your own hero! The game debuts on May 15th in North America, with the European release on the following day. If you enjoy games like Slay the Spire, then be sure to give this upcoming PS4 title a look. Trailer below!

Mundfish has revealed an adventure FPS game by the name of Atomic Heart! Set for release later this year (but with no exact date as of yet), you’ll explore a bizarre alternate universe set in the glory days of the Soviet Union. If you’re interested, take a look at this official trailer!

And lastly but certainly not least, Anthem has been confirmed for release by EA in March 2019! Touted by some as a “Destiny slayer”, this title is sure to garner plenty of attention due to it’s shooter-RPG genre and backing by a big developer. Furthermore, EA’s CEO has hinted at potentially an early-access release! Stay tuned on this one, guys. Learn more here!

And this wraps up yet another week of News Rush! I’d like to thank Shiina as usual for the hard work she puts in editing these, and the rest of the SM team for their news gathering, help and suggestions in writing about games that I don’t play myself. As one famous cartoon liked to say: ‘That’s all folks!’

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