News Rush: There’s Loot on Tumblecube Island?!

Aloha friendly apes! Welcome to our latest episode of News Rush, where we’ll be bringing the latest and greatest stories in gaming to your attention. We’ve rebooted how we bring you content over the past couple weeks to make sure that it’s fully suited to as many people as possible. E3 looms ever closer! You can expect full coverage from the Social Media team here at the Raging Monkeys over the biggest gaming event of the year, including a full summary of E3’s newest unveilings. However, we’ve still got this episode of News Rush to get through before that, ­­­so let’s ignite the jet engines and shoot right into the Rapid Fire News!

Rapid Fire News

Another month brings yet another set of new PlayStation Plus offerings! This time, XCOM 2 heads up June’s lineup, proposing a tactical turn-based strategy experience that pits you against the alien occupiers of Earth. The next spot is taken by Trials Fusion, a racing game that’ll put your platforming skills to the ultimate test! Break track records, race alone or with friends, or even pit yourself against the best of the best in a global tournament! Other titles that you’ll want to check out include Zombie Driver HD for PS3, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier also for PS3, Atomic Ninjas for PS Vita, and Squares also for the PS Vita. Enjoy, PlayStation Nation!

Shoulder-charging over to Destiny 2, Bungie have unveiled their newest Crucible offering – Crucible Labs! This feature is similar to Overwatch’s Public Test Realm in that it will function as a place for developers to test tweaks and new game modes and garner feedback from the community. As always, we also have This Week At Bungie, which takes an in-depth look into the Development Roadmap heading into Year 2! Changes abound for Faction Rallies and Escalation Protocol, with Factions becoming more unique, and Escalation Protocol having its difficulty decreased in the later waves. On a more server specific note, be extra sure to check out the TWAB because Gryphxn has a clip in Honourable Mentions! It’s also in our Gaming Highlights, so be sure to check that out too.

Bungie have also quietly received $100 million towards a brand new non-Destiny game! We have no details as of yet, but it’s been widely known that a game has been in the works at Bungie HQ for quite some time. Speculation is rife as to whether the game will continue the developer’s patented FPS flavour, or make a departure into other unexplored genres. Only time will tell!

Combat rolling over to Monster Hunter: World, and the new Quests are now live! They’re called The Thronetaker, Snow & Cherry Blossoms, Tracking the Delivery, Triple Threat Throwdown, and Flesh Cleaved to Bone. The Empress of Flame, Lunastra, has returned to reclaim her crown amongst the Elder Dragons, and it’s down to you, Hunter, to take her down!

Football World Cup? Who cares, the Overwatch World Cup’s competition committees have been finalised! Check out the full list of participants moving into the months of June and July, where Player Tryouts will begin. Following this, the Group Stages will be played from August to October, with the Top 8 taking place in November!

Taking a trip on the Battle Bus, Epic Games have heard player’s feedback on the Solo Showdown game mode and will be introducing another, similar game mode called Blitz Showdown! As the name suggests, the gameplay will be overall much faster paced, with circles being faster, combat more rapid, and eliminations now factoring into the final scores. Check out all the details here!

That’s all for our Rapid Fire News segment this week! Time to dive right in to our favourite section, the juicy Betas, Free Stuff and Events!

Betas, Free Stuff and Events

Need a dose of minty freshness, Pokefans? Well GameFreak has your back! The event-exclusive Shiny Zygarde distribution is now available in Europe/Australia, on Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon! If you have a copy of the original Sun/Moon you can also download it onto that cartridge. Fear not Americans, because the distribution is also happening for you in Gamestop stores!

Twitch Prime members, there’s more free stuff on the way! Grab 5 rare Nexomania Loot Chests in Heroes of the Storm by clicking on this link. Keep your fingers crossed to receive some Nexomania-only loot!

Tenno, you’re not left out of the free stuff this week! If you watch any Twitch Warframe partner for 60 minutes today, you’ll receive the Xiphos ship’s Ifrit skin! It begins on Monday at 2pm and runs through until Tuesday at 2pm, so don’t miss out on this exclusive freebie! We all know fashionframe (fashionship?) is the true endgame, so sit back, grab the choccie milk, and earn your loot!

Sadly, that’s it for free stuff this week! Be sure to check back next time for even more new events and loot. Next up, we’ve got ­Game Announcements and Upcoming Releases!

Game Announcements & Upcoming Releases

If you’ve bought the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, then be sure to download the Hours of Darkness DLC, available June 5th! Fight alongside your brothers in arms in a war-torn Vietnam, avoiding enemy patrols and napalm strikes alike as you struggle to survive. Remember that there are 2 more DLCs – Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies – to come yet along with early access to Far Cry 3 remastered! For more details on them, check out the post-launch timeline. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again… Ironic, right?

Far Cry 5 – Hours of Darkness DLC Teaser

Escape from behind enemy lines in war-torn Vietnam and get your squad to the extraction zone in the upcoming Far Cry DLC: Hours of Darkness! 💀Available on June 5th!

Geplaatst door Ubisoft Canada op vrijdag 25 mei 2018

It’s nearly time to explore a brand new location in Tamriel: Summerset Isles! The ESO DLC is set to drop on June 5th, and with it Queen Ayrenn opens the majesty of High Elves’ breathtaking home to foreigners. Unearth a sinister new plot that threatens all of Tamriel, join the Psijic Order for the first time in an Elder Scrolls game and learn their powers over time, face the challenges of Cloudrest and so much more in this upcoming expansion! Check out the cinematic trailer below!

We stray from our usual PlayStation coverage now to give Nintendo fans a huge announcement: the newest instalments in the Pokémon franchise have been revealed! We’re returning to Kanto in the recently announced Switch titles Pokémon: Let’s go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee, in a throwback to the Game Boy Colour classic, Pokémon Yellow. You’ll be able to catch Pokémon by “throwing” the Pokéball with your joy-con, and even play co-operatively with a friend in a first for the franchise. It’s coming on November 16th, 2018, so prepare yourselves, Pokéfans!

“When the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled…”, it reveals Bethesda’s brand-new offering, Fallout 76! The game is set (as you might expect) in Vault 76, where apparently the future of humanity awaits us. More is set to be revealed at their E3 showcase on June 10th (which we’ll be covering in full!), so stay tuned for more details on this latest instalment to the iconic post-apocalyptic series.

Gotta go fast! Team Sonic Racing has been revealed by SEGA to be coming to PlayStation this winter! Join Sonic and co for what promises to be a blast. Set the fastest lap times and settle old rivalries online in the classic arcade racer. Check out the reveal trailer here!

It’s a massive week this week for the Pokémon community, as another game has been announced for the Nintendo Switch and mobile! Pokémon Quest is available now, and this time we’re set to explore Tumblecube Island for amazing loot. In a Minecraft-esque twist, all Pokémon on Tumblecube Island have been “cubeified”, and given quadrangular bodies. The gameplay looks to have RPG elements with you controlling the Pokémon themselves in search of treasure, along with the classic “Gotta catch ‘em all” motto that accompanies all of the series’ games. If I had to describe this game, I would say it is the lovechild of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Minecraft’s Pixelmon mod. Gameplay trailer below!

New Adventures Await in Pokémon Quest!

Can’t wait to explore Tumblecube Island? Your quest awaits, Trainers—Pokémon Quest is available now!

Geplaatst door Pokémon op dinsdag 29 mei 2018

Capcom have revealed more details on their upcoming instalment in the hit-classic, Mega Man 11! Coming on October 2nd, the retro platformer looks set to introduce a game-changing Double Gear system, with huge gameplay implications. If you’re a fan of the Blue Bomber, then check out this trailer!

Lots of new releases and reveals in the lead up to E3 with more surely yet to be unveiled, but now it’s time to take a look at this week in Patch Notes!

Patch Notes

Epic Games continues its theme of bringing absurd yet fun concepts to Fortnite, culminating in what patch v4.3 is set to produce: Shopping cart races! You can find these lean, mean, speed machines in the battle royale mode to help you catapult around the map. This patch also brings part two of the Blockbuster questline in Save the World, so complete it to get your hands on the newest Mythic Hero! Some nice quality of life changes have also been brought to Fortnite, with an updated UI interface showing your challenge progression in-match.

A characteristically short Patch Notes section brings this week’s rendition of News Rush to its conclusion! You’ll be hearing from myself (Tom) and the rest of the Social Media team on E3, so stay tuned for our summary articles! It commences on Saturday the 9th of June, so if you’re especially interested in a particular developer and can’t wait for our summary, then check out this E3 schedule to plan your viewing. As always, a huge thank you to ShiinaBat for her stellar work in editing and posting this to our website. This is the infamous Lightbulb Destroyer signing off!

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