House Rules


Hello there! Welcome to Raging Monkeys Gaming PS4 Community: where the salt is real, the humour is dark, and everyone is odd. Oh and we love to sip coffee and tea! We hope you’ll feel right at home.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules below as not knowing them will not be considered a valid excuse if you break them.

Age requirement – You have to be 16 years old or older to join this community. This rule is non-negotiable.

Behaviour/Conduct – Don’t be a dick. It’s alright to be competitive but being toxic, derogatory, hateful or abusive to or about other members of this community will not be tolerated.

Channel Topics – Make sure to adhere to each channel’s topic. Off topic posts will be removed or you will be asked to move the conversation/post to an appropriate channel.

Tag Usage – The use of @everyone and role-specific tags is reserved for staff use only. You can use @here tag when making LFG posts but do not abuse it and leave at least 20 minutes between each use.

LFG Conduct – Use common courtesy when LFGing on our server, but remember we are a community first and foremost and not an LFG site. Don’t be that guy.

  • If you responded to an LFG and can’t make it anymore, let them know;
  • If you offer someone a spot, give them enough time to get on and join before you give the spot away;
  • If you’re doing a highly team-oriented activity, don’t get upset if someone requires you have a mic;
  • If you’re using a mic, don’t blast music in the background or hold a conversation with someone right next to you without muting yourself.


Spoiler Policy – Nobody likes spoilers. Give new releases at least one week to be out worldwide before you start talking about it.

Self Promotion – Self-promotion is allowed only if you are active in our community and play with other members. It’s great to share your content with your community, just don’t farm us for views.

Charity and Disaster Support – As an international community, we don’t want to be biased toward any specific charities or disaster relief organizations. Because of this server-wide advertisement and promotion of organizations that function on a local/national level rather than international is not allowed. International charities will need to be vetted by admins before being advertised.

Recruitment – Recruitment to other clans/servers is regarded in bad taste and as such is not allowed. An exception to this is where staff permission is granted, for example in instances where RM is in collaboration with other communities/clans/guilds.

Controversial Topics – Discussion of potentially controversial topics such as politics or religion is not discouraged on the server, however, it has to be kept civil, polite and respectful at all times. If it is not kept that way then you will be asked to stop the discussion and/or move it off the server.

Last Updated: December 1st, 2018