A Purple Legend: Spyro the Dragon

We’re doing another one of these? In the middle of an ongoing one? Alright. Dragons. A mythical legend that has been the centerpiece of many fantasy tales throughout history. When you think of dragons, you would normally think of a giant fire breathing beast that flies through the skies. You probably wouldn’t think of a little purple ball of flightless …

An Ode to Couch Co-op

As an 80s child, I often catch myself reminiscing about the past with questions like: “What would it be like just to sit down and do that again?” and “What would society be like if we didn’t rely on mobile phones to communicate?”. More specifically though, I often find myself reminiscing about my past gaming experiences, especially after I had …

So You Want to be the Best? An Introduction to Competitive Pokemon

What is Competitive Pokémon Battling? Everyone remembers sweeping aside the Elite Four with their Level 87 Typhlosion. The Pokémon franchise put forth a difficulty curve catered to younger gamers, yet also gave some older gamers a challenge in classic fights (Whitney’s Miltank, anyone?). So how does this compare with the competitive Pokémon battling scene? administrator

The Activity Finder Explained

The Activity Finder is found within the game menu of ESO, and allows players to access a range of different group activities as described below. There are benefits of using the Activity Finder, such as finding other players to fulfill roles needed to complete a particular activity, or even if already grouped to earn bonus XP on daily activities. administrator