Spider-Man PS4 – The Hero We Deserve

Our very own Social Media Monkey, Fox, runs her eyes over the newest version of Marvel’s web-slinging wall crawler. Sony’s conference had to have been my favorite at E3 this year, they brought us the new exciting Detroit: Become Human, beautiful DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, the Shadow Of The Colossus remake and so many more surprises. administrator

Bungie’s Age of Triumph Sandbox Reveal Shows Us the Goods

Today, Bungie held a live stream to show off the Sandbox changes that will be implemented in their next Destiny update, The Age of Triumph. They’ve had two previous reveal streams for AoT, which drops at reset next Tuesday, but this is the one the fans were waiting for because this is the one with the goodies. New gear, old favourites returning and some of the sexiest outfits ever made by Bungie to clad your magic-wielding space zombies in. So,while my spire is still forming, lets take a look at what they have to offer.