As a Social Clan, we are focused on our members having a helpful and fun community to play with. While we do participate in a myriad of different in-game content and hold weekly events, we are not and never will be a hard-core clan.

Not to say that we don’t have plenty of stupidly skilled Destiny players, but anyone of any skill and level is welcome within our Clan and we hope that you will find a lot of friends here. Need a hand with kicking Calus or Uldren on his ass? We got you. Looking for some PvP buddies? We do that too!

At the moment we will only accept members who are part of our Discord server and have their details recorded in the #psn_destiny channel, so if you are interested in becoming a clan member or know someone who is, make sure that these criteria are met.

Raging Monkeys Destiny Clan: