News Rush: Red Dead Delays, PlayStation Plus, and Vaas Returns!

Hey everyone! This is your favorite retrospective loud owl, Screaming Rowlet, bringing you this week’s news roundup for the world of gaming! Think you missed something important in the last few days or just want a refresher? This is where you’ll get it. There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s get right into the news!

Sea-Salt Recollections: Part 2 – Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Oh boy. Chain of Memories. I must say I wasn’t looking forward to replaying this one for the retrospective. Chain of Memories takes everything from the first game and throws it away in favor of a card battling system and an even more complex story than the first game.

Let’s OWL with Jammy! Week 3 Highlights (Season 1)

We may only be into the third week of the Overwatch League, but last week will most likely go down as the most exciting week of the entire league! Day One closes with Valiant winning the Battle of Los Angeles after being down 0-2 and managing a perfect reverse-sweep against the Gladiators to finish 3-2. Day Two opens with the fall of London as Boston re-enact the revolution (the only tea harmed was my own, as I spat it over my monitor in excitement…). 

Boxing Clever: Vinylate Jacks up the Fun

What happens when you take a board game concept and turn it into a video game? Hilarious party fun, that’s what. Party style video games aren’t new, with the likes of “Mario Party”, “Wii Sports”, “SingStar”, and even “Scene it!” on DVD having been around for years. Such games can bring hilarity to a party with friends, bring families together and even tear them apart! (Only if you’re super competitive like mine…)

I Did Nazi That Coming!

Wolfenstein II is a sequel to one of the more entertaining single player shooters of recent years and goes all out to top the absurdity and difficulty of what came before it. Published by Bethesda and developed by MachineGames, it is an alternative reality game where you try, once again, to liberate the world from the clutches of the all pervasive Nazi menace.

Let’s OWL with Jammy! Week 1 & 2 Highlights (Season 1)

It’s finally here! The Overwatch League has begun in earnest and oh my, it’s beautiful! It became clear early on that there was not a single weak player in the league. Sure, there are a few teams that have clearly been underperforming, but that is not to say there haven’t been any amazing plays from these teams and it isn’t so much a lack of player performance that’s the issue; it’s more an issue with team cohesion for some of the newer teams, still trying to figure themselves out.

Why I’m Optimistic About Gaming in 2018

So I’m sure we can all agree last year wasn’t too great for gaming. We saw two once beloved franchises have their names tainted by a buggy and/or pay-to-win mess (screw you EA), we saw a studio who once seemed to be something incredible be shut down for wanting to make something that players were ready to throw their money at (seriously, screw you EA), and even loot boxes in a single player game that practically charge you to get the ending of the game. And that’s just the big news.


Hey monkeys, it’s your resident pro-angler, KT here. Now that I have your attention, I’d like to talk to you all about a topic that’s near and dear to me: fishing, and more specifically, fishing in video games. Did you guys honestly think my first article would be about anything else? Of course not, right? This is me, after all. Let’s dive in! And don’t worry, this is only the start of horrible water-themed puns.

Supreme Support: How to Symmetra

What’s up, Monkeys? Your Supreme Leader here, writing for you about playing supports in Overwatch. There’s a lot I want to cover so I’m making this a mini-series of articles for you and calling it Supreme Support. For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t played much with me, some background info: I am in no way the best Overwatch player around; I just really enjoy the game and play it on different levels. My main account was at 3750 SR (at the time of writing) and I have smurfs in Diamond, Platinum, and Gold. The point of this series is hopefully to help you guys rank up in competitive by sharing a little about my playstyle.

We’re Not Flying. We’re Failing with Style!

So, in my retrospective for the first Kingdom Hearts game, I mentioned the Gummi Ships as the way Sora, Donald, and Goofy travel between worlds. I also mentioned the flying mechanics. Upon review, I realize I forgot to discuss both of these mechanics. Talking with one of my friends, I realized there are two mindsets for these mechanics. They’re either fun and enjoyable, or absolute garbage and boring. Well, in the first game, I can safely say both of these mechanics were straight up GARBAGE!

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