Was Destiny Good?

Where do you start to review Destiny? It’s a continuation of an idea, rather than a game, for a start. That’s how Bungie thinks of it, it’s kinda how I think of it. When I think of Destiny, I think of the friends I made, some for a long time, some just for the duration of a raid. I’ve played solo and clanned up, I also lived in that grey area LFG sherpas without a clan find themselves in, known but not well known.

Carini Plugs Himself into The Matrix

Can you believe it’s been 11 long years since the PlayStation 3 was brought into this world? What were we doing before the age of the PlayStation Network, wireless controllers, and GB storage? That’s right, we all had PlayStation 2s with multi-taps and 8MB memory cards. Here are a few games I sunk countless hours into in the days before the PS3.

iMonkey Monthly: PS+ Games for August 2017

I always look forward to the PS+ games dropping each month. It is a nice bonus to get something back from the hated fees that we all have to pay every few months. So, when I opened the Store at the beginning of this month, and saw Just Cause 3 and Assassins Creed: Freedom Cry on the list, I was, as you can imagine, very pleasantly surprised. My first thought was that this was the best month of freebies we have ever had, and I honestly think that I was right. Here’s why;

All Together Now: Communities in Gaming

Seeing as I’m part of a gaming community now and have been a member of many in the past, it got me wondering how they all started. How did we band together, what tears us apart, why do we need companionship to slay digital enemies? How can people we sometimes never meet become some of the best friends we’ll ever make? How did communities become so very important to gaming itself?

Shiina’s Manic About Sonic Mania

Once upon a time, back in the 90s, a much younger version of myself would spend hours upon hours playing retro Sonic games. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (& Knuckles) was my all-time favorite and I spent countless hours rolling around loop-de-loops at the speed of sound, collecting blue spheres, and destroying whatever stupid invention Robuttnik came up with. Little did I know that a dark era would soon befall the franchise and I would have to watch as SEGA drove my beloved hero into the ground. I became deeply ashamed of being a hardcore fan.

Moving House: Clan Migration for Destiny 2

Guardians of Raging Monkeys, hear me! As you know, Destiny 2 will be here in less than a month to mercilessly consume our lives. We need to use our remaining time wisely to ensure that we can reap the maximum amount of no-life enjoyment on September 6th. But what’s left to do?

Dildo Bats and Underpants: A Brief Look at Overpowered

When I was a kid, OP wasn’t a thing. There was either “this boss is nuts” or “this shit is waaaay too easy”. Nowadays, everything is OP. Even fucking Aquaman is OP.

Raging Monkeys Presents: Our Top 10 Raging Monkeys

We love monkeys. We love their little faces, the joyful way they have of moving and the skillful way they hurl shit. We also love monkeys in games, so we thought we’d share our Top 10 (we’re including apes, pedants!).

iMonkey Checks Out The Destiny 2 Beta

When it came to reviewing Destiny 2’s beta only one name sprung to mind, our resident Destiny Game Captain, #raidboss and one man wipe machine, iMonkey. Take it away, fella: So, the Destiny beta has been playable for four days now, which is plenty of time for everyone to have formed an opinion of it, not least because it is so damn short! It consists of one story mission, one strike, and two PvP (Player vs Player) modes. This is not a lot of content, especially for those of us who mainly play Destiny for the PvE (Player vs Environment).

Button Mashers: Looking At Sexy Times in Games (NSFW)

I like three things above all. Sex, video games and eggs. I tried so very hard to write something about video games and eggs, but there’s only so many words you can write about Dizzy (look it up, kids!), so it’ll have to be about the moments in games that have you wiggling your joystick and fingering your buttons in the vain hope that you can have sexy time with someone that loves your input. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a wander back through some of the most memorable times I dipped my digital dick.

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