Spider-Man PS4 – The Hero We Deserve

Our very own Social Media Monkey, Fox, runs her eyes over the newest version of Marvel’s web-slinging wall crawler. Sony’s conference had to have been my favorite at E3 this year, they brought us the new exciting Detroit: Become Human, beautiful DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, the Shadow Of The Colossus remake and so many more surprises.

Not An Ordinary Tune: Anthem

Anyone else feel like E3 was a big old load of average this year? For me the whole shebang felt like I was offered the world’s best hot dog and was only given the bun. Bread’s ok, but I think we all want piping hot sausage meat. And yet in the very first, very worst, show this year EA gave us a little glimpse of BioWare’s new IP Anthem. There was nothing in that teaser, but nice visuals and there was a promise of a full trailer the next day, when Microsoft had their turn.

EA Opens E3 With a Lot of Noise, But Little Substance

EA kicked off E3 today with a show that managed to feel both bloated and lacking in content, but which still managed to have one or two surprises. The show started with yet another E3 drumline because it wouldn’t be E3 without at least thirty confused percussionists at each show. This time they wore Madden themed shirts, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same band of undead troubadours that they always wheel out for this thing.

Three Wishes From The Monkey’s Paw: RM’s Staff Give Their E3 Hopes

With E3 fast approaching, our staff got to talking about what we wanted to see from our most favouritest weekend of the year.

20 Games for Under 20 Euros

The PlayStation store is having a bit of a sale at the moment, with tons of games discounted to under 20 Euros until June 6th. I thought I’d take my pick of 20 games that are well worth shelling out on.

How Gary Stole the Traveler: A Look at the Destiny 2 Premiere

Bungie showed Destiny 2 off for the first time today and it showed us a Vanguard as shattered as the Tower it was housed in. The stream opened with the gameplay reveal trailer, which showed The Tower and Guardians looking prettier than we’ve seen them before. The graphics this time round are an obvious upgrade on Destiny, saddled as it was with previous gen hardware constraints at birth. I’m not going to go into the trailer too much as it’s linked below, so just go watch it. I’ll wait.

Ever Wanted To Save The Galaxy From Anti-Love? Now’s Your Chance

There aren’t enough local co-op games out there. That is just a fact. It seemed that, for a long time, local co-op was destined to die out and that all that would be left would be to tell our grandkids that we used to be able to play with our friends without the need of an online lobby or using enough machines and wiring to network a small business. Which is a huge shame, because having some friends in the same room as you, playing together has always seemed like a better experience to me. Don’t get me wrong, there still are local co-op games out there, but they are few and far between. They become even rarer when you want to play a co-op shooter.

PlayStation Plus Games for April 2017

Drawn to Death: “A multiplayer-focused, online experience, Drawn to Death invites you to dive between the pages of a teenage tearaway’s high school text book and do bloody battle in a world constructed entirely of ballpoint doodles. Brought to life with artistic panache and some truly bonkers character design, Drawn to Death is chaotic four-player fun with a huge emphasis on over-the-top weapons, dynamic environments and a fittingly adolescent attitude to violence – what better place to indulge your inner delinquent?”

Destiny Meets Its Destiny

Tomorrow brings the last update that Destiny will ever get. They are ushering in the Age of Triumph, a celebration of all our Guardians have achieved. Bungie are finally making all of the raids relevant,  level wise, but more than that, they are making them desirable. Bungie are, finally,  giving us what we’ve always wanted, and I cannot wait.

Bungie’s Age of Triumph Sandbox Reveal Shows Us the Goods

Today, Bungie held a live stream to show off the Sandbox changes that will be implemented in their next Destiny update, The Age of Triumph. They’ve had two previous reveal streams for AoT, which drops at reset next Tuesday, but this is the one the fans were waiting for because this is the one with the goodies. New gear, old favourites returning and some of the sexiest outfits ever made by Bungie to clad your magic-wielding space zombies in. So,while my spire is still forming, lets take a look at what they have to offer.

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